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Wiess Park – Home of Houston Parks Board

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The Houston police department used to have their mounted patrol and canine units located in what is known as Wiess Park.  They relocated to a new location in 2009.  That is when restoration of this small 16 acre park was initiated.

Wiess Park, 300 N. Post Oak Lane, Houston, Texas 77024

The land was acquired in 1941 according to the posted sign.  Back then this would have been way out in the country with sparse settlement of people.  Times have certainly changed since that time in Houston!

Wiess Park

Unless associated with the mounted patrol, the Houston Parks Board or perhaps those living nearby, most people would probably have no idea that this little park exists.  The wide expanse of lawn with wooden bench shown above is next to the small parking lot.  The park headquarters buildings are located adjacent to this open area.

Landscaping around these park board buildings include many plants which invite birds and butterfly visits.

Reforestation efforts are evident as well as some planted butterfly gardens as one starts walking the trail.

Reforested area in Wiess Park

Wiess Park Bird & Butterfly Garden

A wooden bench is located across from this bird and butterfly garden.  People with some time to rest and relax can perhaps spot some avian creatures or pretty insects visiting this inviting space.  Benches are also provided in other spaces within Wiess Park.

Benches in Wiess Park

Most of the trail is heavily forested and left pretty much in the wild.  Except for some traffic noise it would be easy to escape the feeling of being in such a large cosmopolitan city such as Houston.

Trail in Wiess Park near Butterfly Garden

Trail in Wiess Park entering the wooded area

There are many plants that have sprouted up in the wild areas including flowers and fruiting berry plants.

Wild berries on trail in Wiess Park

Wildflowers growing in woods within Wiess Park

Around every turn in this forested path are little discoveries to be made.

Wooded areas on trail in Wiess Park

Mushrooms in Wiess Park

According to their website these trails within Wiess Park were constructed in 2010 with the help of students from the Student Conservation Association.  Modeled after the Civilian Conservation Corps which started in the 1930s, it is wonderful that young people care enough about the environment to do hands on projects like this in public parks.

Weiss Park Trail

Most of the paths on this short trail are in a natural state.  There is a wooden walkway over an area that could at times become waterlogged.  The trail is level and would be handicap accessible.

For people who wish to get lots of exercise walking miles of trails this is not the place in which to do it.  But it was a discovery my husband and I enjoyed making.  The people living in condos across the street are probably very happy to be able to enjoy nature in a more natural state by simply walking across Post Oak Lane.

Pretty visit from a butterfly in Wiess Park

The Houston Parks Board has been responsible for many projects in different parks and public spaces.  A few of the places that we have already visited and written about include the following:

This is but a small sample of where Houston Parks Board has had a hand in making improvements of one type or another in our area public spaces.



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