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West Alabama Animal Clinic Mural is Eye Catching!

Posted: March 30, 2016 at 4:34 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

Rebecca Bass Mural in Houston, Texas

Mural West Alabama Animal Clinic

Mural West Alabama Animal Clinic

My hubby and I headed out today with the intent of photographing more public art in Houston.

We were passing by and spotted this engaging mural on the West Alabama Animal Clinic and decided to stop.

The location is at 2030 W. Alabama Street, Houston, Texas 77098. The cross street is Huldy.

Note the windows in dog eyes

Note the windows in dog eyes

It appears from searching online that most people really like the care that their animals receive there. They have separate cat and dog entrances.

They give free first exams to animals adopted from an animal shelter.  That certainly indicates something about their love of animals and their support of animal shelters.

Rebecca Bass is the artist who created this mural. She has her bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences and minor in studio art.

She has motivated inner city kids who came from at risk environments.

Details on one side of mural

Details on one side of mural

Rebecca Bass has won the first place title for the best art car in the Houston annual art car parade several years in a row.

She is a secondary art teacher within the Houston Independent School District.  She is also the founder of the art car class.

Many of her students have also worked on other public art projects with her.  It has helped her students to avoid the pitfalls of dropping out of school or joining gangs.

Rebecca Bass has had various work experiences.  Included among other things are the following:

  • Employment at the Harris County Hospital District
  • Emergency room crisis counseling
  • Children’s Protective Services
  • An agency working with runaways as well as her art related assignments.
  • Rebecca has also devoted some 25 years to teaching. She obviously pours her heart and soul into each and every project that she undertakes.

Looking at the details of this fetching mural I am guessing that Rebecca also loves pets.

My hubby and I love our pets so we found this mural to be extra special.  We have had our own dogs and cats enriching our lives.  While we do not use this particular animal clinic we certainly do appreciate their choice of advertising via this wonderful mural.  If we lived closer to it, we might be tempted to take our beloved pets there.

I personally think that this in an ingenious use of advertising.  If you lived nearby and had a pet, wouldn’t you be tempted to try the services of this West Alabama Animal Clinic?

See teacher and artist Rebecca Bass is in this video along with another teacher who teaches biology and robotics along with students creating an original and unique art car.

I’ll be sharing more about murals found in Houston in other posts. What do you think of this mural? Animal lovers should enjoy this!