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Tolerance Sculptures in Houston by Jaume Plensa

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Houston, Texas Sculptures

Several years ago in Houston, Texas we started noticing some interesting looking sculptures located along Buffalo Bayou. They were adding to the public art displays in Houston and as we were driving by I wanted to be able to photograph them and get a better look at them.

These metal sculptures made of aluminum glinted in the sunlight and were skeletal in their design so that one could literally look through them to the natural scenery in which they were situated. They are also illuminated at night.

Viewing the Tolerance Sculptures Houston

One day my husband and I got to park not too far a distance from them and walked among these large imposing figures. They are made up of seven aluminum clad figures 10 feet high and mounted on rocks imported from Spain.

See through Tolerance sculpture

See through Tolerance sculpture

Jaume Plensa is the world renowned artist who created them. He was born in Barcelona, Spain and is a well known sculptor, teacher, and lecturer and has won many national as well as international awards.

His public sculptures grace many cities all across the globe. If you wish to read more about him you can access his site here.


Tolerance is the name of these sculptures situated in Houston.

Tolerance sculptures under shade of trees

Tolerance sculptures under shade of trees

They were dedicated in February 15, 2011 and have the following inscribed on a plaque:

Unity in Diversity
Reflecting the Pluralism & Harmony of Mankind
Seven Figures Representing the Seven Continents
Each Created from Nine Alphabets

The video below shows the Tolerance Sculptures in all kinds of light including illuminated at night.

A Better Place

I like the idea of tolerance. The world in my opinion could use more of it. Perhaps we could learn to be kinder and more understanding of our fellow inhabitants of this small planet which we all share.

These sculptures, once we understand their intended meaning, stand in testament to the hopes of a brighter future for all of us. Dedication ceremony for the Tolerance Sculptures seen here along with artist statement:

Location where these Tolerance Sculptures can be viewed in Houston, Texas: 2773 Allen Pkwy., Houston, Texas 77019.



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