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Spotts Park: One of Few Hills in Houston Located There

View of basketball court & downtown Houston
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The slightly over 16 acres Spotts Park was initially called Vick’s Park back in the early 1900s. During those early days of the twentieth century, some forward-thinking people saw the need to create park spaces along Buffalo Bayou.

Looking down at basketball court

Looking down at basketball court

In 1906 the Vick’s Park was purchased along with other nearby properties. 1980 was the date that the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department took over the operation of the park.

A Hill in Houston!

Houston topography is very flat, and there are few hills.  Spotts Park is one of the few exceptions!  Much of the park lies in a natural bowl shape which is about a 100-foot drop from top to bottom.

The hill is one of the reasons that people like visiting this park to build up their cross-fit exercise endurance.  People can attend boot camp classes there.

The biking and running/walking trails interlink with others along Buffalo Bayou. They lead all the way into downtown or to paths leading for many miles further west.

Numerous bike rental kiosks exist within Houston, and this is just one of the many locations.

There are some great views of this metropolis downtown area from Spotts Park looking east.

My husband and I had tried finding a parking space on weekends with no luck. Parking is somewhat limited so either get there early; be lucky when you arrive or be prepared to walk some distance if parking on the streets surrounding the park.

The parking is free. Do not leave anything valuable in your vehicle. Many of the website reviews of this park warn that some break-ins have happened. On the weekday we chose to walk around and explore the park we readily found parking spaces available.

Youngsters enjoy some playground equipment up at street level and also some down in the bowl. Tennis courts exist in the park at street level. Adults can find some stationary workout equipment in several places in the park.

People were having some fun on the open grassy areas on the day of our visit.  There are two sand volleyball courts which are probably very busy on more crowded days.

The lighted covered basketball court had only one person shooting some hoops on the day of our visit.  That also is undoubtedly utilized more on weekends, or particular basketball meets.

The branches on the deciduous trees were still bare.  When fully leafed out, the shade in the summertime would be much appreciated.

We spotted some people playing with their dogs.  A few people were skateboarding.  One person kept using that hill going up and down repeatedly for exercise.  Another couple was picnicking on top of the hill under the shade of some trees.  They had an excellent overview of the park from that perspective.

Of course, there are picnic tables in Spotts Park along with benches, drinking fountains and trash cans.  There is even a fire pit.  One thing lacking is restroom facilities. 

A 40-foot diameter labyrinth exists at the top of the park in December of 2014. Enough people were not using it because we saw no hint of it as such. It was merely grass inside of a solid concrete circle.

Many different gatherings happen in Spotts Park.  I had never heard of Bubble Soccer.  With few exceptions, there have been monthly Bubble Soccer matches ever since the first one started in May of 2015.

While not filmed in this park, I found a video showing some bubble soccer for your enjoyment shown below.

Are you familiar with this fun looking sport?

My hubby and I merely walked all of the trails throughout the park from above and below. It was fun getting to see this park after several attempts at doing so on the busy weekends. I am sure that the people living nearby genuinely enjoy this area.

Location of Spotts Park is 401 S. Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas 77007.

Some nearby downtown Houston parks that might be of interest to you include the following:

We have so many beautiful outdoor spaces in Houston, and this is just one of them.

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