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Spectacular Henry Moore Sculpture in Houston Park

Henry Moore Sculpture
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Houston, Texas Showstopper!

This voluptuous bronze sculpture by Henry Moore has quite a dramatic setting! Initially installed in Hyde Park of London, it was moved to Eleanor Tinsley Park in 1979.

On a vast expanse of open lawn space within Eleanor Tinsley Park in Houston, Texas, this showstopper piece of public art can be viewed from many different angles.

Walking around this art piece should be done to get the full effect of this massive cast bronze sculpture titled “Large Spindle Piece” by Henry Moore.

My hubby and I did just that on one beautiful sunny day when I took some pictures. We had been driving past this portion of the park only viewing the sculpture from our car windows for years.

Eleanor Tinsley Park

Police Memorial in background of Henry Moore Sculpture

Police Memorial in the background of Henry Moore Sculpture

Eleanor Tinsley Park is situated along the banks of Buffalo Bayou, and great views of downtown Houston can be seen from this well-utilized park to the west of the downtown center of the city.

Annual events like the 4th of July party, the annual Art Car Parade and other affairs see masses of people gathering here for special occasions.

At other times joggers or people enjoying a quiet picnic might be spotted. Laughter might be heard from families with children enjoying the swing sets. There is much to do and see in this fabulous city park consisting of 20 acres.

Most people around the world are familiar with the sculptures of Henry Moore if they are at all interested in art.

Artist Henry Spencer Moore

View of Henry Moore sculpture

View of Henry Moore sculpture

This successful English sculptor, artist, and the professor had exhibitions worldwide, and much of his sculptural art is dedicated to being public works of art.

Henry Spencer Moore was one of 8 children born into a family where his father’s work was that of a coal miner. His parents wanted better lives for their children as many good parents often strive to accomplish. Henry showed an undeniable talent for art, and it was encouraged.

Henry Moore Sculptures

Following a stint in the service during World War I, he received an ex-serviceman’s grant (much like the G.I. Bill in the U.S.) which Moore applied towards studying sculpture at what is now known as Leeds College of Art.

Henry Moore became very successful, and most of what he started creating were bronze sculptures monumental in scale.

He primarily abstracted human figures using concave and convex shapes and often they have holes or voids in their design.

Downtown Houston as backdrop for Henry Moore sculpture

Downtown Houston as a backdrop for Henry Moore sculpture

Once you have viewed one or two Henry Moore sculptures, the others while different, can be quite easily identified as having originated with this artist.

The most extensive collections of his works in one area are in Perry Green, Hertfordshire on a large estate comprised of 40 acres which used to be his home.

The Henry Moore Foundation continues to foster and support the public appreciation of visual arts and is well funded because of the tremendous monetary success Henry Moore had during his lifetime.

He was fortunately not one of the many starving artists who often gain notoriety and success long after they are gone from this world.

Henry Moore sculpture in Eleanor Tinsley Park

Henry Moore sculpture called “Large Spindle Piece” in Eleanor Tinsley Park

Location of Eleanor Tinsley Park in Houston, Texas: 1600 Allen Pkwy., Houston, Texas 77019.

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