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Play it Again Sam! Some Things Are Worth Repeating.

Image by Vlad Man from Pixabay
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How many of you have watched the film Casablanca? The movie dates back to 1942. It is a romantic film drama starring stars Ingrid Bergman, Humphrey Bogart, and others. It won an academy award for best picture.  It is a World War II film with people fighting in the resistance against the Germans.

There is a famous scene involving a piano where the lead actress asks the piano player to “Play it again, Sam.”

What does this have to do with articles on Explore Houston With Peggy? Some things are just worth repeating!

Image by Francis Ray from Pixabay

Where Is That Treasure?

Articles that were posted some time ago and perhaps buried in memory, just like a dog’s buried bone, can once again be unearthed and brought to light. They may have been moved over to HubPages, but are as tasty to chew upon now as ever! Join me in taking a look at them in their new home.

Carter Ernst sculpture

Carter Ernst sculpture

So Many Sculptural Beauties in Houston!

Take a second look, or perhaps, if you are new to this page, a first-hand look at these creations:

While beautiful and eye-catching, these have an important message to convey: Tolerance Sculptures

You have to see this if you have ever played with paper airplanes! “Folded Plane” Sculpture

A sinking church and bird feeder?  See this: “Wildlife Sanctuary”

Learn about the creator of the dog sculpture photo featured above.  “Pointing North”

See these super-sized aluminum chairs sculptures here: Artist Paul Kittelson 

Meyer Park

Meyer Park

Gorgeous Parks in the Houston Metro Area!

If you missed seeing these, you can now take another look.

In Spring, Texas, you will find this beauty: Meyer Park

Commemorating the Moon Landing: Tranquillity Park

You must see to believe these fantastic 100-year-old oak trees: Elizabeth Baldwin Park

Remembering Lauren from the 9/11 tragedy in Market Square Park: Lauren’s Garden

A touching part of the Buffalo Bayou Park: Houston Police Officer’s Memorial

Salty Pepper Shrimp at Pepper Twins Restaurant

Salty Pepper Shrimp at Pepper Twins Restaurant

Restaurant and More!

If you enjoy spicy food accented with Sichuan peppers, check this out: Pepper Twins Restaurant

Antiques in an old carriage station building: Heights Station Antiques

View some fabulous landscape paintings here: Museum of Fine Arts Houston

In honor of the child Robin, and literacy, check this out: Barbara Bush Library in Spring, Texas

Last, but far from least, this important art is from a Houston artist: “Trying to Catch Freedom”

Bluebonnets in Texas

Bluebonnets in Texas

Spring and St. Patrick’s Day

Spring is coming early this year to Houston. Bluebonnets are already blooming. Whether you live near or far, I wish you happiness and health in the days to come. Thanks for reading this blog.

If you wish to read about even more places outside of the Houston metro area, including recipes, etc., check out my profile page on HubPages.

Happy St. Patrick’s day!



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