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Pictures of Katy Heritage Museum & Vintage Contents

In front of Katy Heritage Museum
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Museum in Katy, Texas

Painted on side of Katy Heritage Museum

Painted on side of Katy Heritage Museum

My husband and I had visited the Katy Heritage Museum many years ago.  I had done the same with my mother.

When we chose to tour it again today we were amazed to to see many additions to the museum.  The Katy Heritage Society has a park adjacent to the museum building.  Numerous historic homes have been moved to the park.

That is also fairly new. I will save that for another post and just focus on the heritage museum today.

Katy, Texas is a small town just west of Houston that is situated on 11.26 square miles of space.

Much of the land used to be open prairie and the early residents had a strong history of farming.

Rice farming in particular was popular and rice dryers are still very much in evidence in Katy and surrounding areas.  In fact there are quite a few rice dryers even in Houston.  Most are used for other purposes these days.

This Katy Heritage Museum is filled to the brim with old photos on the walls.  People keep donating items to it from what used to belong to some of the pioneering families.  It has quite a large inventory of artifacts and antiques in addition to the photos.

The museum has plenty of space to display all of this with 9,600 square feet divided up into distinct areas.

Ironrite Ironer

Ironrite Ironer

When first walking in the smaller room to the front has items like old school desks.  We spotted such items like old time metal ice tongs. There was an old rice milling board and a vintage coffee grinder and large wooden coffee bin.  On display was also an old Ironrite Ironer such as I had never previously seen.

In fact there were many tools and other artifacts of which I was unfamiliar.  It would be a great place to take kids and teach them what items people used to routinely use in their daily lives.  Adults can also learn about history while viewing these many different things on display.

Large numbers of tractors of various types are on display in the larger room behind the entrance area. This space with high ceilings and massive doors allows the placement of huge pieces of old farming equipment to be installed and put on view.

The tractors above are just a sampling of what you will be able to see. On display are also some old and vintage cars and trucks.

Humorous sign amidst artifacts

Humorous sign amidst artifacts

When the pioneer families started planting rice and other crops, some of the early farm equipment was quite primitive.  As time passed the implements became more sophisticated and started to save man hours while actually harvesting more product.

One can read many interesting stories while in the museum looking at the equipment.  One such story had to do with the Massey-Harris combine.

Man power was sucked up by the war effort in 1944.  Farm equipment was in short supply.  Quotas on items were in place with most vital supplies going to support the war effort.

Humble gasoline pump & signs

Humble gasoline pump & signs

A deal was struck between the U.S. government and Joe Tucker who was the VP of Massey-Harris USA.  500 combines were allowed to be built and it was agreed that they would each harvest so much acreage. In a short while after the combines were put into service, well in excess of one million acres had been reaped.  25 million bushels of grains had been collected sparing 1/3rd of man hours and saving 1/2 million gallons of fuel.  It was a resounding success!

One of those original 500 Massey-Harris combines is pictured below.

These photos are just a small sample of what you will be able to view if visiting this jewel of a museum in person.  The Katy Heritage Museum is open from Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm.  The best part is that admission is free!

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Here is where you can easily locate this Katy Heritage Museum: 6002 George Bush Drive, Katy,Texas 77493. To see a bit more of this museum, click on the video below.



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