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Photos of Amazing Citizens for Animal Protection Shelter

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Homeless Animals

There is a brand new animal shelter building called Citizens for Animal Protection on the west side of Houston.

It is located at 17555 Katy Freeway.  Animals who are housed there get special treatment.

Citizens for Animal Protection

Citizens for Animal Protection

CAP animal shelter sign

CAP animal shelter sign

Citizens for Animal Protection abbreviated as CAP has been in existence since 1972. It has served the needs of homeless and/or abused and neglected animals.

The dedicated staff and many volunteers cheerfully did their jobs caring for the animals who were delivered to their doorsteps in previously very cramped quarters.

This bright and cheerful new building is beautiful for the animals who call it their temporary home.  The people working there aiding the animals have much more elbow room now.

One of many quotes painted on the walls at CAP.

One of many quotes painted on the walls at CAP.

Pet Adoptions

Artists donated their time and talents to paint these rooms at CAP.

Artists donated their time and talents to paint these rooms at CAP.

Falling in love with a baby animal is easy. Most of them are so very cute whether they are curled up asleep with their littermates or actively playing.

Deciding to take a baby animal whether it is a kitten or puppy should be well considered and evaluated before taking on that commitment.

Expenses include not only food, water and shelter but normal veterinary care and additional care for when they become ill or injured. Animals are just like human beings in that respect.  They can come down with many of the same illnesses that people experience and others more specific to their breed.

This is a CAP resident cat named Tom.

This is a CAP resident cat named Tom.

But there are other considerations in addition to the money that these pets will cost.

They are all sentient beings who also need our love and that love should extend throughout their lifetime.

Loving a pet means spending quality time with them.  They need to be gently but firmly trained.  People also need to be able to tolerate their foibles. Who hasn’t had a puppy chew up a favorite shoe or have an accident inside the house before being fully potty trained?

What do we get for our efforts?

Pure and unconditional love is the answer!

Animal Adoption Center

Pets of all types including dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits end up in animal shelters like Citizens for Animal Protection for a number of reasons.

Dogs hoping for new homes at CAP shelter

Dogs hoping for new homes at CAP shelter

Sometimes the owners of such pets die and there is no one to care for their beloved pets.

Tragedies can occur like hurricanes that destroy homes and separate people and their pets. Many pets ended up being shipped to Houston after Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans years ago.

Illnesses of the owners can sometimes cause them and their pets to be sadly separated.

Multi-purpose room on right looking towards reception desk on left.

Multi-purpose room on right looking towards reception desk on left.

Occasionally due to loss of a job and little income, people regretfully turn their pets in to a shelter hoping that some loving family will come along and make another good home for their furry animal. Reasons like this can be heartbreaking.

And then there are the thoughtless people who take a darling little kitten or puppy and when it becomes full grown turn them out onto the streets thinking that they can make it on their own. Of course this is fallacious thinking and can cause much suffering and even death to the animals.

Unlike wolves who hunt in packs or wild cats who are used to stalking and killing prey in their normal habitats, domesticated animals do not have the same instincts nor territory in which to adequately care for themselves and their offspring.

Oh yes, they will raid garbage cans and drink water out of curbs. They will become diseased and possibly even rabid posing a threat to other animals and possibly even people.

Pet supply store & gift shop inside of CAP

Pet supply store & gift shop inside of CAP

Turning an animal that was once a pet loose on the streets is a form of heartless cruelty.

Animal shelters exist for the sole purpose of taking in and rescuing animals from the horrors of abandonment and/or abuse. Until they are adopted at the least they are fed, sheltered and well tended…even loved by the many volunteers and staff at these shelters.

If some are eventually euthanized, at least they will have been dealt with compassionately in the interim and given the best chance for a new life. Being painlessly put to sleep is not the worst thing that can happen when one considers all the alternative things that can happen to a pet that has been abandoned to the streets.

Painted on wall at CAP

Painted on wall at CAP

Cats for Adoption

Citizens for Animal Protection in Houston has the cat section separated from the dog section of the new building. In fact they are at opposite ends of the building so that the cats are not disturbed by the barking of dogs.

Each end of the building has its counterpart in-so-far as intake areas; evaluation areas; surgery; food preparation…even isolation areas for the pets as necessary.

The laundry area is mammoth and is in continual use for cleanliness purposes.

Kittens and cats are well tended and played with and loved until new homes can be found.

For the older cats who have been there a while they have a special room in which they can interact and be on display.

Cats up for adoption at CAP

Cats up for adoption at CAP

Speaking of special rooms…they are provided in several places in the Citizens for Animal Protection shelter where new “parents” can interact with their prospective new pets to see how they interact with one another.

We saw many people using those rooms on the day that my husband and I toured CAP.

Outside area at CAP

Outside area at CAP

Citizens for Animal Protection

The new site of CAP consists of 3 1/2 acres of land.

Not only are the rooms for the animals spacious inside, but there are areas outside in the back where the dogs are walked twice daily.

There is even an area where they can be turned loose to run and play on occasion. Outside caged areas let them indulge in a little fresh air and sunshine.

A few selected inside pictures of Citizens for Animal Protection are shown below.

Little Annie does her part for CAP when going into schools, nursing homes & other places with her mother spreading the word about animal welfare.

Little Annie does her part for CAP when going into schools, nursing homes & other places with her mother spreading the word about animal welfare.

Charity Navigator and CAP

For people wishing to donate money to help charity institutions do their job, one should be certain that one’s money is being spent wisely and not just going to needless overhead expenses or huge staff salaries. Many people through the years have donated hard earned dollars thinking that they were helping a good cause only to have a very minuscule fraction of their money being put to good and purposeful work towards their chosen cause.

Here is where Charity Navigator comes to the aid. It is a 501 (c) 3 charity that delves into the financial health of thousands of charities accepting no money from any of the charities being evaluated. They determine how much money is raised and how it is spent and at what cost.

Their top rating is 4 stars and Citizens for Animal Protection has been awarded that rating year after year.

A 4 star rating means that the charity “Exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its Causes.”

Plaques can be purchased to honor loved ones...people or pets...and help further CAP's good works.

Plaques can be purchased to honor loved ones…people or pets…and help further CAP’s good works.

It is so wonderful knowing that our love of animals and donations to help them are being handled with such thrift and care. For that reason, my husband and I are happy to spread the word about this wonderful charity and even have Citizens for Animal Protection in our wills.

On average about 500 animals each month find new homes from Citizens for Animal Protection. That is a whopping 6,000 animals per year! They do much more with outreach programs including spaying and neutering, etc.

Please consider supporting this 4 star charity called Citizens for Animal Protection with your dollars or volunteer hours.

If thinking of adopting a pet, please consider coming to this new Houston animal shelter on the Katy Freeway.

Stop in and see more of this phenomenal animal shelter for yourself!

The importance of spaying and neutering from a vet’s perspective:

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