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National Museum of Funeral History Haunted House

National Museum of Funeral History Annual Halloween Haunted House Exhibit
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Annual Halloween Haunted House

Can you think of a better place to take your family and friends during Halloween than to a funeral museum to experience a haunted house exhibit? It can be done right here in Houston, Texas at the one-of-a-kind National Museum of Funeral History.

Haunted house locations are numerous at this time of year. Some are larger than others. Each of them is meant to be spooky and scary. This one does not disappoint. Rounding each corner of the maze-like rooms prepare yourself to expect the unexpected!

Lots of skulls at the Haunted House Exhibit

Lots of skulls at the Haunted House Exhibit

Halloween Haunted House

Halloween Haunted House

Dreadford Falls

Information about this particular haunted house had the following written on the funeral museum website: “Explore the town of Dreadford Falls after a local nuclear power plant has melted down.”

That all made sense when seeing the abandoned workspace with computers, the crime scene tape, the fallout shelter signs, and the eerie green glow.  The decontamination suit did not protect the poor fellow encased in it below.

Asylum No One Leaves!

Dare you enter the asylum that no one leaves? We did and are still here to talk about it. Move slowly in this space. Moans and groans, as well as unearthly sounds, will assault your ears.

Some of the poor souls in this area are in straight jackets. Others are chained and handcuffed. The ghoulish couple below are feasting upon eyeballs, lungs, intestines, and liver. Yikes!

Be sure to look up as well as down when walking through this creepy place. I almost jumped out of my skin when a sinister look dog-like creature unexpectedly moved, snarled, and barked in an ominous tone. At the time my attention was not focused on the ground.

Haunted Space Sightings

Menacing looking clowns, as well as dolls with gruesome faces, are on display in various places throughout the eerie space.

Shuddersome nightmarish-sized spiders inhabit this terrifying haunted space. So do threatening snakes and rats with teeth bared. Creatures both large and small are scary.

Location, Hours, and Pricing

If you are ready to brave this adventure head on over to 415 Barren Springs Drive, Houston, Texas 77090.

Admission prices are $5 for adults and $3 for children. Half price with museum admission! This Halloween haunted house will remain open until November 4th of 2018.

This family-friendly museum is open from 10 AM to 4 PM, Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they are open from 10 AM to 5 PM and Sundays from 12 PM to 5 PM.

Don’t be a scaredy-cat! If you are looking for a terrifyingly good time, check out the National Museum of Funeral History.

If a car show appeals to you, the annual Halloween car show will be held there on Sunday, October 27th. Check out the museum website highlighted above to learn more!

To see how the haunted house in this museum appeared in 2015, watch the video below.

There is More!

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