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Metamorphosis And Winds of Change

Posted: May 1, 2018 at 7:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Metamorphosis is a good word describing my journey as a blogger over the last two years.  With just shy of 200 articles written on Explore Houston With Peggy it was time to decide in which direction to turn.  Some of my readers know that I have been writing on a site called HubPages for over 9 years.  Articles on that site are wide ranging covering topics from recipes to plants to different travel locations and more.

Faithful subscribers to this website will continue to have access to the articles authored by me.  I have gradually started migrating some of them over to HubPages.  I will let you know of those changes as I make them.  If you missed reading about them when they were first posted here, you can see them now on HubPages where you might also be interested in other posts that grab your attention.

The first post moved was this one about Houston’s 1940 Air Terminal Museum Showcasing Civil Aviation History.   It is a fascinating look back at earlier airplanes, a flight simulator, ground beacons, the amenities given passengers, flight uniforms and so much more.  The famed Howard Hughes had his private hangar at Hobby Airport which is where this museum is located.

Flight Uniforms on display at 1940 Air Terminal Museum in Houston

The second post moved concerns our spectacular Houston National Cemetery.  Did you know that it is one of only three with a Hemicycle?  This cemetery is stunningly beautiful.  See photos and descriptions in this article.

Special Albert Thomas grave site in front of Hemicycle monument at Houston National Cemetery

My third post migrated over to HubPages is about the architecturally significant and beautiful Bishop’s Palace in Galveston.  Learn why it is called the Bishop’s Palace.  It started out as a private home.  Open daily for tours it is one of the stunning buildings gracing this island city on the Gulf of Mexico.

Original linoleum cut art print I created of the Bishop’s Palace

Mentioned was “Winds of Change” in my title of this blog post.  We lost a dear friend this past week.  Lisa fought a valiant battle with cancer for many years.  She leaves behind her loving and devoted husband, sister and family plus countless friends.   She will truly be missed by those of us who were touched by her life.  Lisa was a beautiful person inside and out.   I like to think of her now spending eternity with her spirit freely soaring beyond the veil of death just like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. I truly believe in an afterlife and know that Lisa is there now awaiting our arrival when it will be our time for us to join her.

A vacation that Lisa and her husband Doug got to take after recovering from one of her rounds of chemotherapy was to Mackinac Island. She generously shared her photos with me and gave me permission to use them in my posts to HubPages.  The Grand Hotel is named appropriately.  With a 660 foot wide porch overlooking magnificent grounds and water it is no wonder that heads of state and many notable people have chosen that as a temporary residence.  Fort Mackinac photos and information was also shared with me.

Partial view of the wide porch at the Grand Hotel

Lisa and I did some day trips outside of Houston.  One of them was to Martha’s Bloomers in Navasota, Texas which boasts the world’s largest teapot.  Lisa always loved gardening and shopping for unique items for her home.  It was a fun day that we got to spend together.

Another time we explored Calvert, Texas and had lunch at Cocoamoda.  After a delicious lunch we took some truffles home that day for our husbands.  Many places are listed on National Register of Historic Places in Calvert.  Lisa and I drove around looking at some of those beauties and we also spent some time in the spectacular cemetery in Calvert.  One monument was prettier than the next.

My dear friend Lisa at Cocoamoda in Calvert, Texas

This post is dedicated to our lovely friend Lisa.  We will forever carry memories of Lisa in our minds and hearts.

Reading books like some of the ones shown below have given me much solace as I continue to lose loved ones including many family members and a growing number of friends like Lisa. My wish is that it does the same for you.

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