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Love Mural @ St. Mark’s United Methodist Church

Love Mural
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Love Mural

My husband and I have been having some fun exploring our city.  In so doing, it is hard to miss seeing the many murals around town. Importantly, our fair city truly celebrates public art in all forms!

I had seen a mural with the word LOVE on some website.  We decided to find out where it was located in Houston. Somehow it seems fitting that it was on a church campus.

This distinctive Love mural is painted on the side of some garages at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in the Houston Heights. Consequently, one can see the large letters of this colorful mural from the street.

Love Mural

Love Mural

Love Mural

Partial view of the church and the mural

I got out of the car and did some walking around while taking photos of the church and mural.  My husband stayed in the car with the air conditioning running.  Smart man!  The feel like temperatures in early July so far this year are more than 105 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest part of the day.  At 108 degrees, there are heat warnings issued because it becomes dangerous.

Consequently, for people without air conditioning, cooling stations are available.  Libraries and other places remain open longer hours so that people can cool off during the menacing heat. But I digress!  At least I was able to get back into an already cooled car when ready to move on to other places.

St. Mark's United Methodist Church

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church

Texas Historical Marker

This church has a Texas Historical Marker on it. What it portrays is the following:

“St. Mark’s United Methodist Church

This congregation traces its history to 1875 when the Reverend Rudolph Brueck organized Emanuel German Methodist Episcopal Church.  It was renamed Zion German Methodist Church in 1891 and Norhill Methodist Episcopal Church, North, in 1924.  Woodland Heights Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was organized in 1912. It merged with the Norhill congregation in 1938 and relocated to this site. The new congregation, named St. Mark’s, represented the historic first merger among churches of the north and south conferences of the Methodist Church.  (1990)”

The cornerstone placed on the opposite side of the front doors to the church is dated 1939.

Cornerstone at St. Mark's Methodist Church

Cornerstone at St. Mark’s Methodist Church

J.C. Iden Memorial Garden

Behind the garages where the Love mural is painted is the J.C. Iden Memorial Garden.

J.C. Iden was a member at St. Mark’s who was passionate about feeding hungry people…particularly children.  Subsequently, this garden, which helps feed the hungry, is named in his honor.

The garden began as an Eagle Scout project in 2009.  Meanwhile, it has been supported ever since by church members, Boy and Girl Scout troops, Urban Harvest, and even interested community members.

According to their calculations, many tons of fruits and vegetables have been sent to the Heights Interfaith Ministries Food Pantry.  That is wonderful!

I applaud those church members and others who offer up their time and labor to help fill the stomachs of hungry children as well as adults.  No one in this “land of plenty” should have to go to bed hungry!

This garden grown on church property looked terrific!

St. Mark's United Methodist Church

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church


We used to have a half-acre of land surrounding our home many years ago when living in central Wisconsin.  In short, I tended a large garden up there. Since living back here in Houston, we no longer have that type of available land.  But we still enjoy the various herbs and a few vegetables that we grow each year.

There is nothing quite as flavorful as picking and eating tomatoes and other produce the same day from a backyard garden. Purchasing from local farmer’s markets is the next best thing.  Most garden produce is picked and sold the same day.

Hopefully, more places of worship will follow the lead of ones like St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in growing food for those who need it. In conclusion, the love mural imparts significant meaning in many ways!

The location of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, and this mural with the word LOVE is at 600 Pecore St., Houston, Texas 77009.


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