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Louise Nevelson Frozen Laces – One Sculpture

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Abstract Sculpture

This abstract black painted Cor-ten steel sculpture by Louise Nevelson is a standout! It provides quite an artistic statement situated among the sleek modern buildings surrounding this public art installation in downtown Houston, Texas.

Frozen Laces One sculpture by Louise Nevelson

The sculpture is titled FROZEN LACES – ONE and was created between the years 1979 to 1980. Louise Nevelson was known for her monochromatic puzzle like sculptures, and this is certainly a good example.

FROZEN LACES – ONE is located at 1400 Smith Street, Houston, Texas 77002  near the pretty Bob and Vivian Smith Fountain.

In the video below is a synopsis of the life of Louise Nevelson who was born with the first name of Leah.  She later changed it to Louise.

1899 was the year of this artist’s birth, and she worked well into her 80s.  Her fame as a female sculptor took off in the 1950s.  Louise Nevelson was able to live quite a glamorous lifestyle and did so for some time.  In the end, she chose to live simply.

She was married briefly and had one son.  Being married and being a mother was not her most favorite of roles.  You can hear that directly from her own words in the video below.

The majority of her first works of art were created from found objects.  Boxes, various pieces of wood and even discarded toilet seats might make it into her cubist designs.

Black is the absence of color.  That is what Louise Nevelson chose to utilize for most of her sculptures.  She let the design of the piece speak for itself. The objects in her sculptures became unified without the distraction of pigments.

As she became successful, she could afford to pay for mediums like steel.  At that point, she worked side by side with the men in the foundry as her designs were welded into shape.

You can see that every angle of her sculpture looks different and of course, the backgrounds vary as well.

Below is one giant art sculpture of Louise Nevelson’s titled “Mrs. N’s Palace.”

If you wish to see more art pieces by this artist including how they are installed in galleries, be sure and watch the video below.

Marker in ground identifying Frozen Laces One sculpture by Louise Nevelson

We are fortunate to have so many public art sculptures in Houston, Texas.  This is just one of many ones gracing our downtown streets.







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