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Lo-Fi Vintage Boutique Exterior a Mural Lovers Delight!

Posted: May 7, 2017 at 2:05 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The exterior of the lo-fi vintage boutique in Houston, Texas is an attention grabber for sure!  When driving past one day we first noticed the cartoon characters on one side of the building.

There was another person taking photos the same day that I was engaging in it.  We both had smiles on our faces.

I loved reading the comics when I was a child and had a few favorites.  Over the years I must admit that my comic reading days have been somewhat limited.

Many of the cartoon characters portrayed on this wall refer to animated television cartoon series.  Again my days of watching those has been curtailed.  I loved the futuristic television show called Jetsons which aired in 1962 to 1963.  Does that date me?  Ha!

Looking further it was discovered that both sides and even the back of this free standing building is covered with mural and graffiti art.

lo-fi store

One side and back of mural on lo-fi store

Below are some closer detailed looks at the murals painted on this store building.

Closeup of mural on lo-fi store

Leaving one’s heart in San Francisco is easy!  My hubby and I have enjoyed several vacation days in that City by the Bay and would enjoy visiting there again someday.

Closeup of mural on lo-fi store

I got a kick out of seeing the letter “e” floating along in a glazed doughnut as if it was an inner tube.  The happy looking long nosed capital “E” character seemed to be having some fun on a skateboard.

Closeup of mural on lo-fi store

There are 3 rail lines operating in our fine city although no tunnels.  The majority of our public transport is offered by way of buses.

Detail on back of building

The graffiti artist who signed his name BETES is deceased from what I can gather.  His graffiti paint art is a memorial of sorts and is widespread here in Houston and elsewhere.  He was a member of the Nine Lives Krew of graffiti artists abbreviated as NLK.

Interior of lo-fi store

Naturally after viewing the exterior of this store I was curious as to what was inside the space.  This is a retro inspired boutique selling vintage and used clothing as well as posters, team flags, caps, t-shirts, comics, vinyl records and more.

Interior of lo-fi store

Lo-fi has an online website and items can be shipped around the world.  Their store hours on Sunday are from 12 to 6PM.  Every other day of the week hours are from Noon to 9PM.  More of what is offered for sale can be viewed in the video below.

The term lo-fi has several meanings.  Pertaining to sound it means a poor or rough sound quality.  Some old time recordings have that.  I remember most of my parents collection of old 78 records had scratchy sounds emanating from them as they were being played.

As an adjective it means retro or old-fashioned.  Considering the vintage objects for sale in this Houston boutique, lo-fi seems like a perfect name!







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