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Katy Dog Park | 14 Acres of Fun for People & Canine Pals

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Located in the small town of Katy, Texas the Katy Dog Park is a delightful place in which to spend some time.  The address is 5414 Franz Road, Katy, Texas 77493. My husband and I happened to notice it one day when we were driving in the area.  We decided to stop even though our four legged canine buddy Skippy was at home at the time.  We were happy that we did!

Katy Dog Park Sign

People who own dogs can easily identify with seeing other people’s dogs having fun in an environment such as this.  I know that it brought smiles to our faces. Fourteen acres of well designed land make up this Katy dog park space.

Katy Dog Park

Dogs of all sizes are seen with their people.

Katy Dog Park

Katy Dog Park

A 1,723 foot paved walking path encircles the park inside of the fenced area.  People walking it 3 times would approximate 1 mile.

Tall trees offer lots of shaded areas within the park.  That is particularly nice on hot humid days to be able to rest in dappled shade.

Katy Dog Park

Katy Dog Park

Abundant wide open spaces are also there for people to toss balls or frisbees to their canine buddies or just let them run freely off leash.  It must be particularly nice for people and their buddies who live in apartments or who have small yards at home.  Very few yards would offer the freedom to run as in this beautiful space of 14 acres.

Katy Dog Park

For dogs who love to splash and play in water a beach type scene is provided.  Our very first dog, an Irish Setter, loved playing in water.  This wading pool would have delighted him!

Katy Dog Park

This inviting park is open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.  Dog park use rules are posted.

Katy Dog Park Rules

Water fountains are available for people and their pets.

Katy Dog Park Fountains for people and pets

Dog showers are provided with some cute fire hydrants as the source of water.

Dog showers in Katy Dog Park

If you are looking for a verdant green dog park in the Katy, Texas area you should like discovering this wonderful place.  Enjoy!


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