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In The Garden a Charming Houston Eclectic Treasure Trove

Posted: November 14, 2017 at 9:15 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

In The Garden is a treasure trove of unique offerings located in the Houston area of Spring Branch.  I have my good friend Lisa to thank for introducing us to this charming place.

As one might expect with a name like In The Garden there are, among other things, plants available for sale.  I have added some beauties to our garden.  Most of the plants sold there are grown locally and are specifically suited to our Houston environment. But this unique purveyor goes far beyond just offering plants for sale!

This all started back in 1999 when Frank and Suzan Galvan purchased a lot next to a storeroom that Frank was leasing for his successful landscape design business.  With extra space to store items, this couple went on a global hunt for unique items to offer to commercial as well as residential customers.

Numerous eye catching items at In The Garden

Had our friend Lisa not told us about it, we might never have discovered In the Garden.  The location is tucked away on Cedar Post Lane perpendicular to the streets of Longpoint and Westview.  Truthfully it is not an attention grabber from the front.  But once one enters this treasure trove from the small parking lot on the side,  the beauty of what is there to be discovered becomes readily apparent.

People who like cats will surely appreciate the friendly greeting one receives when wandering the grounds.  The cats that adopted Suzan and Frank seem very happy there.

Suzan is very creative.  She loves to utilize items in unexpected ways.  If you have an old dishpan, crock, birdcage or other item of interest…she can turn it into a unique plant container.  You can get ideas of what to do on your own by visiting In The Garden.

Be sure and walk around the house to the back.  There are large storage sheds containing vintage doors and other salvaged items.  The sheds are filled to the brim with decorative items ranging from benches to bird houses, windchimes and so much more.  They are not strictly an antique store such as August Antiques in the Houston Heights, but the mixture of salvaged items and collectibles with new items and hardy plants draws ones attention to pieces in a new way.

One of Suzan’s newest creations that she had a hand in fashioning is a lighted cherry blossom tree that can be used in interior as well as exterior spaces.  Her retail prices are less than half of what others selling similar items charge for wholesale customers!  She has several of these displayed on the grounds in different sizes.

Illuminated all weather tree designed by Suzan at In the Garden

Do you need containers and pots for your plants?  Be assured that there are many here in which to make your choices.

Regular clay pots in addition to numerous decorative ones at In the Garden

Our friends Lisa and her husband now have a beautiful birdbath fountain in their backyard that they purchased from Suzan.  After ordering it, Suzan stored it for them until their new patio incorporating the fountain was ready to be installed.  So they are very accommodating to their customer’s needs.

Weathered antiques can also be found at In The Garden.  At one time when we first visited there they had some French provincial iron gates and transom from the late 1800s.  The availability changes depending upon what has already been purchased.  They are always willing to search for items and try to find what the customer desires.

As you can probably already tell from viewing these photos, there is a wide variety of statuary available for sale.  From large pieces to small they can add interest to gardens of all types.

Put on good walking shoes as you wander the grounds.  This is not the place to wear high heels.

In The Garden

There is so much to discover.  Plan to spend at least 1/2 hour of time there to get a good overview.

In The Garden

We notice different things every time we visit In the Garden!

In The Garden

After perusing the grounds be sure and see what is displayed in the house as well.  Gift items of all types are gathered here.  From decorative pottery to pretty picture frames, homemade lavender honey to spirit orbs, candelabras to artwork, it is amazing what can be located within this small house.

British born Suzan has fun decorating for the different seasons and holidays. She was just starting her Christmas decorations at the time of our last visit.  With her flair for decorating I am sure that it will be worth visiting there again just to see what she has accomplished.

If you are the type of person who enjoys gardening, antiquing and shopping for unique gift items, be sure and put In The Garden on your list of places to visit.  They are open Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM and Saturdays from 9AM to 2PM. The address there is 1405 Cedar Post Ln., Houston, Texas 77055.

In the Garden discoveries

Spend some time at In The Garden