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Houston, Houston Metro Area

Houston Texas: Activities, Attractions & Info.

Beautiful Live Oak Trees in Houston, Texas
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Houston, Texas

Having already written quite a few articles about this city of Houston, Texas which I have happily called home for the vast majority of my life, I thought that it might be fun to share some general information and also point readers to specific points of interest regarding the many activities and attractions found in Houston.

Houston is a very green city by way of vegetation. Our subtropical climate affords everything from the growing of tropical palm trees, banana and ginger plants to towering pine trees and even cactus. Certain types of flowers grow in our yards and gardens on a year-round basis.

Azaleas blooming in Houston

Azaleas blooming in Houston

Our Weather Conditions

Houston, Texas is only about 50 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico.  The mileage depends upon which side of the city one resides.  Humid and tropical breezes generally bring an average of almost 50 inches of rain annually.

Summers have sizzling temperatures often in the 90s or even some days topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  In late fall, winter and early spring the temperatures are moderate and delightful. One can enjoy BBQs and al fresco dining almost year-round in this climate.

Houston is one of the most air-conditioned cities in the United States. It would never have grown to be the 4th largest city in the United States was it not for the continual whirring of the ever-present air conditioners and fans.

Room to Expand

Unlike densely populated places like New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago our two million plus citizens are spread out from the downtown area with available lands in which to expand in all directions save the Gulf of Mexico. That is about the only limiting natural hindrance to growth. We have quite a bit more elbow room in which to enjoy the good life under the vast open Texas skies.

Bluebonnets & other wildflowers painting our landscapes each spring.

Bluebonnets & other wildflowers painting our landscapes each spring.

Businesses and Employment in Houston

This elbow room impacts our indoor spaces as well as outdoor. Since land costs are lower one gets a much better bargain when it comes to housing than in many places. Judging from many of the mega-mansions springing up in many parts of town, this is no longer a secret!

With no state income tax in Texas and a right to work law in place, this attracts many business owners to locate here.  Unemployment statistics regularly fall below the national level.

View of Downtown Houston

View of Downtown Houston

Medical Industry

The medical industry is big business here with 5 of the top 10 employers involved in this field of endeavor. The famed Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the entire world. It is almost like a city unto itself serving people from not only these parts but also from around the world. People come here for the latest treatments and world-class research facilities. It is what first attracted me to living in Houston when I became an operating room nurse at Methodist Hospital in the Medical Center.

Oil, Gas, and Shipping

Three of the top 10 employers in Houston have to do with the oil and gas business. Several companies have their world headquarters right here in Houston. Houston is called the “energy capital of the world” and for a good reason. There are thousands of energy-related companies doing business in or around Houston, accounting for a good percentage of jobs.

The Houston Ship Channel is the busiest port in all of the United States. The Houston Ship Channel also accounts for a good many jobs in this area.

Dining in Our Metro Area

Houston’s business environment is excellent and therefore spills over into all kinds of other areas. Would you believe that we have some 11,000 restaurants? It is true! One can find just about every type of cuisine here because of the melting pot of humanity that Houston had become since its early days of settlement by the Allen Brothers back in 1836.

Houston Museum Attractions

OK…so what do these millions of people living in Houston not to mention the visitors who come to our fair city do for entertainment?

Houston has a beautiful Museum District located just north of the Texas Medical Center and south of downtown. There are countless museums in and around our metro area which cover a variety of subjects, including art, history, photography, crafts and so much more.

My aunt, who came for a visit and who was at the time a docent at the Milwaukee Art Museum was amazed at the variety of art museums and others which we have here in Houston!  Be sure and click on the highlighted link above to see more information about the many different ones we have visited.

Houston Public Art

Public art abounds in and around our fair city!  One need not look very far before it is evident that we appreciate all types of art.  Sculptures, murals, and even graffiti art can be seen in our parks as well as in and outside buildings of all kinds.

The largest mural in Houston at the current time

The most massive mural in Houston at the current time

Houston Theater District

Located in downtown Houston is the renowned Theater District with professional companies representing all of the performing arts. Only a handful of other cities can boast of having that.

For years my husband and I had season tickets to the Houston Symphony which performs in Jones Hall. The Houston Pops orchestra also uses that venue as well as other shows that come here on tours.

The Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet perform in the grand Wortham Theater Center along the banks of Buffalo Bayou. We have enjoyed seeing both opera and ballet performances at the Wortham on different occasions.

My husband and I, along with my mother and some friends, have enjoyed many different plays at the 75,000 square foot state of the art Alley Theater through the years.

The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts hosts Broadway productions for the resident “Theater Under the Stars” company as well as touring shows from elsewhere. We have seen many TUT shows, including the likes of such performances as Jesus Christ Superstar to Evita.

Fun in Downtown Houston

Bayou Place is what was once the old convention center and has been revamped to include theater space, restaurants, and cinemas. It is a place that lures many to this downtown theater location.

Of course, this gives you an idea of the professional groups in the downtown area. Our fair city is blessed with many outlying theater groups and other venues as well. If you like live entertainment you will be pleased with the numerous places located in and around Houston, Texas.

Houston Sports

Practically every type of sport one can imagine except for those necessitating snow is here in Houston.  We even have ice skating rinks! It may be seasonal at Discovery Green Park and a few other locales, but we also have a permanent one indoors at the Houston Galleria. Softball and soccer fields abound in various parks around town as do golf courses, both public and private.

Our professional sports teams and where they play are the following:

  • Basketball ~ NBA Houston Rockets play at the Toyota Center
  • Hockey ~ AHL Houston Aeros also perform at the Toyota Center
  • Baseball ~ Houston Astros play at Minute Maid Park
  • Football ~ NFL Houston Texans play at Reliant Stadium
  • Soccer ~ The Houston Dynamo team, plays at BBVA Compass Stadium

Then there are the high school and college or university sports venues. Need I elaborate further? Whether playing indoors such as in bowling alleys or outdoors…there are plenty of sports activities in which one can be a participant or a spectator in Houston, Texas.

Swimming, Boating, and Beaches

Many people have swimming pools in their backyards. Swimming pool are also in most subdivisions and even in public parks. Of course, Galveston is a short drive away if one wishes to participate in saltwater activities or have some fun at the beach.

Area lakes near Houston along with the Gulf of Mexico furnish boating enthusiasts with natural playgrounds. The waterways also provide endless fishing activities.

Lake in Houston

Lake in Houston

Houston Parks

Who doesn’t like to get out in the fresh air and sunshine?  We have more parks and hiking and biking paths with amenities such as picnic tables, pavilions and sports fields than most cities. 366 is the number of Houston metro parks. There are also several hundred other green spaces in which people can get outside and enjoy nature or play.

We love our canine friends and have a good number of dog parks as well.

Hermann Park encompasses our Houston Zoo, the Japanese Garden, Miller Outdoor Theater, Natural Science Museum, McGovern Centennial Gardens, golf course and more.

Discovery Green Park downtown offers a stage where free concert performances and movies can be enjoyed. It also has water features, lawn areas, a playground, and more.

Japanese Garden in Houston

Japanese Garden in Houston


Trail Riders Camp in These Parks

Memorial Park trees died after the severe drought in 2011, but new trees are taking their place. But people still enjoy the golf, baseball, swimming, jogging trails and more. Originally this site was called Camp Logan and served as a space for World War 1 trainees. Once a year when the trail riders come into town for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo they camp there for the final night.

Bear Creek Park also sees trail riders camping there one night a year before all trail riders converging into Memorial Park. Normally overnight camping is prohibited in this large county park just outside of the city.  Following the devastating flooding after Hurricane Harvey, some of the buildings that were in this large county park will be relocated to other sites.  The golf courses are no longer in use.  So this park will no longer look as it did when I wrote the article highlighted above. It will turn into something else for people to enjoy.

These parks and so many others provide endless ways to enjoy the outdoors for fun and exercise.

Wandering through Bayou Bend Gardens during an Azalea Trail

Wandering through Bayou Bend Gardens during an Azalea Trail

Seasonal Events in Houston

Something is going on every week in Houston, and every day for that matter. It would be impossible not to find something to your liking.

Festivals of all types which celebrate the foods and customs of different cultures happen here. Some of them are annual events like the Greek Festival, which we have attended numerous times.

Annual home and garden tours are a fun way to spend a day! We have often visited Bayou Bend when the Azalea Trail takes us there and to other houses on the same tour.

There are culinary tours in Houston. If one wishes to see the lovely bluebonnets in bloom each Spring and also tasting wines from local wineries just outside of town, then the Bluebonnet Wine Trail just might be right up your alley!

The annual Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show is the largest rodeo in the world!

Endless Opportunities

If you have read this far by now, you know that there are almost unlimited numbers of activities and attractions that can be enjoyed in Houston, Texas. It is impossible to mention them all in one article. Click on some of the highlighted links for more information about things that might be of interest to you.

Perhaps now you know why my husband and I enjoy living here.  One could devote a lifetime to exploring what Houston has to offer as well as our expansive Houston Metro Area.

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