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Houston Sculptures: 3 Red Painted Steel Ones!

Posted: June 6, 2018 at 8:32 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

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Houston Sculptures

There are so many sculptures on display in our beautiful city and the metropolitan area of Houston that it would take some dedicated effort to photograph and display them all in one place.  Today I am featuring just three of them.  What they have in common as can easily be seen in the photo shown above is that they are all red.  Each of them is steel.

One of them is located in downtown Houston while the other two are in parks.

Geometric Mouse X sculpture collage

Geometric Mouse X sculpture collage

Geometric Mouse X Sculpture by Claes Oldenburg

To read much more about the artist Claes Oldenburg and be able to view several videos showing more of his art, be sure to click on the highlighted link above.

Are you familiar with pop art? It was in the 1950s when pop art suddenly became popular.  Claes Oldenburg is one of many artists influenced by the pop art movement.

Mr. Oldenburg has created many whimsical sculptures and has quite often used a mouse theme.  This Geometric Mouse X sculpture is one of the largest ones he has created.  It certainly adds some eye-popping color to our downtown landscape!

If you are in Houston and wish to view this sculpture in person, head on over to the downtown public library and put on your walking shoes.  The buildings on this Houston Public Library campus take up an entire city block!

Three Quarter Time Sculpture collage

Three Quarter Time Sculpture collage

Three Quarter Time Sculpture by Ben Woitena

Camp Logan was the original name of Memorial Park.  This park is where you will find this monumental sculpture titled Three Quarter Time.  Camp Logan was one of the places where soldiers were being taught skills before entering World War I.  Memorial Park (named in their honor) is now a vast playground for people living in Houston as well as visitors to our city.

Memorial Drive bisects this massive park.  People can be spotted at all times of the day walking and jogging along the many paths bordering this street. Often dogs on leashes are seen accompanying their owners.  It is a great gathering spot for like-minded people who wish to exercise or absorb some of the beauty of nature.

Memorial Park is one of the larger parks inside of our city limits in which people play golf and other sports, walk through the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center, swim and enjoy many other amenities.

The artist Ben Woitena has lived and created art in Houston for many years.  He has worked at our Museum of Fine Arts as well as teaching students at the Glassell School of Art.  To learn more about him and the work he creates as well as more about Memorial Park, click on the highlighted link.

"Houston" Sculpture collage

“Houston” Sculpture collage

“Houston” Sculpture by Mac Whitney

This fantastic sculpture created by Mac Whitney is in Stude Park along White Oak Bayou.  A long hiking and biking path that is continuous for just over seven miles goes right past this artful creation.  The fifty-foot high three-dimensional image is easily spotted from people in vehicles traveling on Interstate 10 heading west from downtown Houston.

Stude Park also contains a community center.  Downtown buildings can be seen from this park.  To see more of the art in Stude Park plus learn about the artist Mac Whitney click on the link above.

Houston Sculptures

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at three different modern steel sculptures, which are all painted red.  We are fortunate to have them gracing some of our public spaces here in Houston.


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