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Houston Galleria Springtime Primavera Event

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Houston Attraction

If you missed the lovely annual Primavera springtime event in the Houston Galleria, there will be plenty of pictures in this post to give you an idea of what you might have seen were you to have visited there in person.

Believe it or not, even though I have heard of this seasonal showcasing of flowers and landscape design inside this Houston attraction, the time of this posting was the first year that I actually went there to see it for myself. My husband who accompanied me had been in the Galleria during Primavera several times in the past.

Primavera photo

Primavera photo


It is always a delight for the senses to be able to see additional greenery inside of a mall.

To give one a verbal description, Primavera included operating water fountains of various designs splashing over rocks and nestled among palm trees, shrubbery, blooming flowers and inventively designed landscape features that could be incorporated into one’s home garden if space and money permit.

The arrangement above had an alligator sculpture to arrest people’s eyes and amuse them as they walked through Galleria I, 2, 3 and 4. No alligators in our home garden…thank you very much!

Primavera photo

Primavera photo

Houston Galleria

I tackled this project in the Galleria of Houston, Texas with my digital Panasonic camera being put to good use in capturing some examples of the Primavera show in the year of 2010.

Not only is the Houston Galleria the largest mall in Texas, but it ranks in the top 10 of mall sizes in all of the United States! Galleria opened its doors in 1970 with the high fashion retail store Neiman Marcus anchoring the east end.

Primavera photo

Primavera photo

The Houston Oaks Hotel, an integral part of the original Galleria, offered first class lodging along with several restaurants one of which was the beautiful Savoy Room.

Since we lived in Houston we did not need the accommodations for overnight sleeping, but we often frequented that fine upscale restaurant. The Houston Oaks Hotel ownership has changed and has become a Westin Hotel and a second Westin Galleria Hotel is now a part of the expanded Galleria.

While it has seen major expansions three times (adding Galleria II, Galleria III and Galleria IV), the original Galleria has the signature ice skating rink which was the first ever to be built inside of an enclosed mall in the United States.

A stunning setting with an arched windowed atrium styled roof over the multi-story original Galleria which was patterned after the Galleria in Milan, Italy, the ice skating rink on the lower level draws ice skaters of all ages and ability.

The rink measures 80 feet ( 24 m) by 180 feet (55 m) and as one strolls the hallways which run around the perimeter of the rink, it is fun to gaze over at or down upon the little tykes trying out the sport of ice skating for the first time.

I remember being that young once upon a time! ( Smile )

Primavera photo

Primavera photo

Top Tourist Attraction in Houston

The Galleria is a top tourist attraction in Houston, Texas. It annually draws about twenty-six MILLION visitors to its doors. And why not!

It is a multi-use mall containing office spaces, two hotels, great stores for shopping, numerous dining establishments and entertainment. It is no wonder that visitors to this fine city wish to see and or even stay in the Galleria.

Free covered parking protects cars from the elements and one could spend the greater part of a day there…or multiple days exploring all that there is to offer within the confines of this large mall.

Primavera photo

Primavera photo

Retail Stores

Anchoring different ends inside Houston’s Galleria are large stores bearing the well known names of Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Designer boutique stores to suit larger sized pocketbooks are also found here.

Do the following names sound familiar?

  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Versace
  • Fendi
  • Chanel
  • Christofle
  • Dior
Primavera photo

Primavera photo

These and many more high end retail establishments are located within the confines of Galleria to suit a variety of tastes. Of course there are also the more moderately priced places that can be found in numerous other malls around the country also found here. There is truly something for everyone at the Galleria in Houston!

Landscape Companies

This pretty gardenscape above (with the two additional close-up photos below) was located just outside the entrance to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Naturally each company creating the Primavera displays had business cards and/or brochures available in case their designs inspired one to want to utilize their landscape services in one’s home garden.

Restaurants in the Galleria

Whether spending a few planned hours or numerous days perusing the Galleria there is no reason that your appetite for food and drink cannot be satisfied.

There are about 50 restaurants in Houston’s Galleria offering every type of cuisine imaginable. Settings range from the most casual to the luxurious.

Primavera photo

Houston Landmark

The Galleria has been a Houston landmark ever since it was first opened. It continues that tradition today with many visitors to Houston choosing to stay in one of their on site hotels or one of the nearby hotels in Uptown Park which is what this end of Houston is called.

Located on the west side of Houston with easy access off of the 610 freeway which circles the city, many business meetings are accommodated here while the spouses or accompanying parties get to shop and play in this friendly environment.

Primavera photo

Primavera photo

Miniature Train in Galleria

Even though this small train that traverses Galleria for a very small fee is not a special part of the Primavera springtime event, I thought that I would include this photo. This train ride can be enjoyed anytime one chooses to visit.


When my brother who was only 23 months younger than I was got married, my husband and I stood up for them as their best man and matron of honor.

Primavera photo

Primavera photo

As one of our gifts we paid for them to stay at the Houston Oaks Hotel…now the Westin.  We opened a bottle of champagne and toasted their marriage before leaving them to enjoy their honeymoon night.

We have many memories of our own with the Galleria as a backdrop. Many special events have been held there throughout the years.

Shopping…………need I expand on that?

Dining….. We have enjoyed many restaurants located in that environs throughout the many years of living here in Houston. A mall the size of Galleria cannot be captured in a few words or photos but must be experienced to appreciate all that there is to see and enjoy.

Primavera photo

Primavera photo


This is a regular springtime event in Houston’s Galleria. If you visited Primavera this year or in past years I am sure you were pleased. If you have not yet visited Galleria during Primavera these pictures may give you an idea of what you might be able to see next year and in subsequent years.

Thanks to all the participating gardening and landscaping companies that put so much time and effort into creating these lovely springtime events in Galleria.

Speaking for Houstonians as well as visitors to Galleria, I am sure that we all applaud their efforts. Looking forward to next year!

Location of the Galleria in Houston: 5085 Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas 77056.


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