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Heights Boulevard Art Trek Sculptures 4th Annual Show

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My husband and I love the Heights Boulevard Art which is permanent as well as temporary.  Right now there is one of the temporary exhibits called Art Trek in which eight sculptures are on exhibit.

They were installed in March of this year.  People wishing to view them in person have until mid-December of 2017 when they will be removed.

This is the 4th annual sculptural project erected on Heights Boulevard in Houston.  It has become a fan favorite for art lovers.

We have Gus Kopriva of Redbud Gallery and Chris Silkwood to thank for arranging this.  The first annual exhibit was called “True North” and the ones following it titled “True South” and Trail of Art.  This Art Trek will be their final curated sculpture show using Heights Boulevard as the beautiful outdoor exhibit space.

Next year the annual exhibit will be continued with people from the Houston Heights Association taking charge.  It will be fun to see what they will do regarding this annual art exhibit.  They are a 501(c)3 charity and partnered in the effort this year in bringing this exhibit to fruition.

Humpty Dumpty 2016 by Yuliya Lanina at Art Trek, 400 Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas 77007

The whimsical Humpty Dumpty sculpture pictured above was fun to view from all angles.  I always assumed that Humpty Dumpty was a male when hearing that nursery rhyme as a child.  Viewing this plump egg figure all dressed up with a short red skirt, fish net stockings and high heels was a twist to be sure!

You can see the artist Yuliya Lanina and her creation in the video below.

Randall Mosman created the ramshackle appearing piece titled Above the Muddy Water in 2016.  The metropolitan area of Houston has seen its share of floods in recent years.  Perhaps the devastation wrought by all of those swirling muddy waters was in the mind of this artist when he created this piece?

Above the Muddy Water 2016 by Randall Mosman at Art Trek

Randall Mosman has enjoyed artist residencies in both Germany and Finland according to his biography.  His works have been widely shown in our country and around the world.

Flower of Life 2016 by Nicola Parente at Art Trek

I love the shadows thrown by the Flower of Life created in 2016 by Nicola Parente. Be sure and click on the highlighted link to learn more about him if you are interested.  His solo exhibits outside of the U.S. have taken him to Mexico as well as Ethiopia.

You can learn a bit about the childhood background of Nicola Parente as well as his interest in the Bayou City Arts Festival in the video below.

Noah Edmundson created the Eagle Plane featured below in 2016.  Looking at his website he obviously has an interest in airplanes plus art cars among other things.  Mr. Edmundson is the current director for Houston’s Art Car Museum.

He started out working on oil rigs fabricating needed equipment.  Transferring that ability to creating art from metal seemed a natural progression for one with an artistic bent.  Noah Edmundson also paints, draws and does architectural renderings.

Eagle Plane 2016 by Noah Edmundson on Art Trek

Zak Miano is a Houston artist who created Knot Cubed in 2016.  From what I could learn about him on the web, he also is involved with art cars.

Knot Cubed 2016 by Zak Miano at Art Trek

The artist Jon Clark created Mollusca in 2017.  I really liked this one!  According to his artist statement he enjoys working with found objects and enjoys making art with proportion always in mind.  Looking at his Mollusca it is easy to see how the proportions change throughout this piece from the curved interior out to the pointed tail-like top.

Mollusca 2017 by Jon Clark at Art Trek

palescent Order #24, 2017 by James Ciosek at Art Trek

James Ciosek created palescent Order #24 in 2017.

This artist lives and works in Houston creating objects that have inner light illuminating the different objects he creates.

The pearlescent colors that were on view during the day would be transformed when viewing this piece at night.  My hubby and I will have to drive by Heights Boulevard sometime at night to see this piece in all its glory.

The adjacent solar panels will be the source of the light emanating from this towering piece of art.

palescent Order #24, 2017 by James Ciosek at Art Trek

Last but far from least was the Texas Horny Toad created in 2017 by Dylan Conner.  I can remember when horny toads could frequently be seen in many areas of Texas back when I was a teenager.  Now it has been decades since I have spotted one.

This pink one created by Dylan Conner is a cutie in my opinion.  It is not at all scary like some of the real ones can be for those unaccustomed to viewing horny toads with their built in armour.

Texas Horny Toad 2017 by Dylan Conner at Art Trek

All of these sculptures are for sale.  One fifth of the sales price will go to help fund the sculpture exhibit next year on Heights Boulevard.











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