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Greetings from Houston Mural by Daniel Anguilu

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Friendly Texans

It seems very fitting that this “Greetings from Houston” mural exists.  Indeed, it is a warm salutation! It appears almost as if an old-timey postcard is plastered onto the side of a building in the Houston Heights.

According to a recent Travel and Leisure magazine, Houston, Texas was voted the second most friendly city in the nation!  San Antonio came in first.  Hooray for Texas! We are friendly people in this state!

Greetings from Houston Mural

Greetings from Houston Mural

Cold Days Versus Heat

One reason might be our mild climate where we can be out and about most times of the year.  We do not have to contend with weather that keeps us holed up inside very often.

When I was a child living in Wisconsin those snow days that triggered school closings were fun occasions.  We got to stay home and play! Of course for the adults who had to try and shovel vast accumulations of snow and navigate icy roads, it was not as enjoyable.

I have lived up there as a child and later also as an adult so I can testify as to both aspects of surviving those icy winters.

In Houston, we are less likely to be outdoors quite as much or for as long a time in the protracted heat of our summers. At least we can still get around and then duck into cool air-conditioned places to cool off when necessary.

Greetings from Houston Mural

Greetings from Houston Mural

Gelazzi Business

The Greetings from Houston mural is not only pretty but draws attention to the Gelazzi business.  An appearance of an ice cream cone on the corner gives one an indication of what must be inside.  This gelato shop also offers other baked sweet treats and some authentic Chicago styled pizza.

The 24 or so flavors of gelato are made fresh each day on location by business partners Louie Comella and Leigh Rubino.  They both lived in Chicago before moving down here.

Chicago-Style Pizza

On one of the food channels, I viewed some time ago; pizzas were being compared from one city to the next. I learned something of interest from watching that show. According to them, the water that goes into pizza dough can affect the flavor!

The dough from the well known Connie’s in Chicago is shipped down here with Chicago water being a part of it.  Louie Comella then uses it to make the different pizza flavorings when he bakes them fresh for customers. Those who like Chicago style pizza should appreciate knowing that fact.

Greetings from Houston Mural

Greetings from Houston Mural

Outdoor seating with picnic tables plus a bocce ball court is provided for customers in the back of Gelazzi.  On colder days I am sure both are well utilized.

My husband and I were lucky to have no cars parked in the street blocking the mural on the day of our visit.  I was able to take some photos of a couple of girls in front of the Greetings from Houston mural for them. They were also there taking pictures of their own.  Once they left and entered the Gelazzi storefront, I had my chance to snap my photos.

Greetings from Houston Mural

Greetings from Houston Mural

Daniel Anguilu

Daniel Anguilu is a local artist who painted this mural.  He is also a graffiti artist who started painting at an early age and has done some extensive traveling. His art is influenced by his travels and even his Mexican heritage. His work is seen in places near and far.

Business owners like Gelazzi have hired him to create public art such as the Greetings from Houston mural. I like it.  Daniel Anguilu has incorporated all kinds of iconic imagery in this mural.

From an oil derrick to a rocket ship…that and more can be spotted.  I particularly like the friendly looking saguaro cactus plant waving a Texas flag.  Saguaros do not grow in Texas, but artists get to use their imaginations and have leeway where art is concerned.

Location of this mural: 3601 White Oak Drive, Houston, Texas 77007.






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