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Galveston, Houston Metro Area

Galveston, Oh Galveston!

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Well Known Song

People from across the globe are often familiar with the City of Galveston because of the song written by Jimmy Webb and sung by Glen Campbell.

Those of us who live close to this city located next to the sun drenched beaches of the Gulf of Mexico can identify with many of the words from this song because of personal experience watching the “sea waves crashing” in “Galveston, Oh Galveston.”  Getting to experience the “sea winds blowing” while watching “sea birds flying in the sun” is quite typical.

Please enjoy Glen Campbell’s rendition of this song in the video below.


There are a great abundance of seabirds that can be spotted at all times of the year in Galveston. Well over 300 species of migratory birds seasonally pass by this barrier island on their flights from Alaska to places in South America.  There is an annual birding festival called Featherfest.  If there are birders out there who have not yet visited this island, you should put this on your bucket list.

There are so many inviting places in which to spot different types of birds including not only the beaches but wetlands, ponds, grasslands,  some wooded areas and the bays.  The original linocut that I created and is seen at the top of this page was inspired by the many brown pelicans seen on a year round basis plus the ever present seagulls.  If you are interested in learning more about brown pelicans click here: Brown Pelican Pictures + Some Facts and Inspiration for My Linocut Art.

“The Oleander City”

The International Oleander Society is based in Galveston, Texas.  It is abundantly clear to visitors as well as residents that oleanders thrive in that location.  There is a huge variety of different types of oleanders and the city is ablaze with colorful blooming shrubs for many months of the year.  Also the official flower of Galveston…there is an annual Oleander Garden Festival and sale of these hardy shrubs.

I have grown oleanders in our Houston backyard and truly admire their beauty.  Pictures of them and how I cared for them can be seen by clicking here: Oleander: Hardy, Evergreen Southern Beauty (With Pictures).

Ashbel Smith Building nicknamed “Old Red” at UTMB in Galveston

UTMB Medical School

Hopefully you will never need to visit this state of the art medical school in Galveston for treatment.  But should the occasion arise, it offers top notch care as well as teaching future doctors, nurses, researchers and therapists of all types.  It holds the distinction of being the very first medical school in all of Texas.  It has a level one trauma center and has a national bio-containment laboratory…one of only two in the U.S.

The students at the University of Texas Medical Branch undoubtedly enjoy the nearby beaches during their leisure time.  It is nice that the sand and surf is within easy walking distance away from this important medical complex on 84 acres of land.

The architecture of this particular building on this huge campus is amazing and merits being listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  To learn more about who designed this stunning building, information about the doctor who first inspired the building of this medical school and my linocut artwork of this structure click on UTMB Medical School and “Old Red” in Galveston, Texas.

Linocut of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Galveston by Peggy Woods

Sacred Heart Catholic Church + Some History

The extraordinary beauty of this church is obvious to all who pass by its magnificent exterior.  As you readers can tell it inspired another one of my linocuts.  There are in excess of 60 structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places in this relatively small city.  It is fun attending some of their home tours which we have done on occasion.

Do you know how Galveston got its name?  Hint: It goes back to the early days when the colonists were fighting against Great Britain for independence.  Read about the history of the Spanish military general who not only aided the colonists but went on to accomplish many other things in this part of the world.

If you are a history buff be sure to click on Sacred Heart Church Plus a Historical Introduction to Galveston,  Texas.

Seashell Wreath Making

Just for fun I thought that I would show you what I have made with shells and rocks picked up on beaches from Texas to Florida.  Even broken shells and bits of coral can be utilized.  Here is my step by step instructions accompanied by photos of How to Make a Seashell Wreath.

Happy shelling and beach combing!

Map showing Galveston and Galveston Island in proximity to Houston. Public Domain image.


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