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Funnel Tunnel Art Sculpture by Patrick Renner

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Amazing Public Art Sculpture!

Thirty one year old native Houston artist and educator Patrick Renner created an amazing public art sculpture.

Funnel Tunnel

It was made primarily from recycled and reclaimed wood plus steel.  Named the Funnel Tunnel it was a fun sculpture to see and admire for the time it was on display.

You can see and hear Patrick Renner talk about his Funnel Tunnel creation in the video below.

Funnel Tunnel sculpture in Houston

Funnel Tunnel sculpture in Houston

This twisting and colorful swollen snake like form meandered through the trees on the Montrose Boulevard esplanade.  It was directly across from the Houston Art League and Texas Art Supply.

Located at the 1800 block of Montrose and the 1100 block of Bomar Street, it was a visual delight to see.  One could also walk around and touch it. The Funnel Tunnel was 180 feet long and varied in width and height.  This can easily be seen in these photos that I captured.

Funnel Tunnel in Houston

Funnel Tunnel in Houston

It was constructed in 24 pieces and assembled on the spot which must have been quite an undertaking!

The official opening reception took place on August 10, 2013.  This Funnel Tunnel was visually appealing both day and night as it was illuminated at dusk.

The large wide opening at one end of the sculpture reminded me of a gigantic sized opening of a French horn musical instrument.

Wooden slats comprising exterior of Funnel Tunnel

Wooden slats comprising exterior of Funnel Tunnel

The pointed end of the sculpture was more reminiscent of the hairless tail of an animal to my way of thinking.

Art is not only what the artist thinks of it while creating a piece but can also be interpreted in myriad ways by the viewing public.

This was one spectacular rendition of a temporary public art piece in Houston which was later removed. Many public art pieces on city owned property are only allowed to be shown for a limited time period.

More about the Funnel Tunnel narrated by Patrick Renner can be learned in the video below.

Fortunately it was reassembled and relocated to a street in New Orleans called Poydras Street. Others can now view and enjoy it for a long time to come thanks to the Helis Foundation who helped fund the move to a permanent location. Its new size is about 30 feet shorter in order to better fit the site.

Patrick Renner has his Bachelor of Fine Arts plus his Master of Fine Arts degrees.  He teaches art to high school students at the Sharpstown International School.

At that school teachers focus on preparing students for successful university careers.  They also challenge each of them to become educated and wise global citizens.

Funnel Tunnel

Patrick Renner has a large art studio called CAMPUS.  Collaborative work is done there with other artists.  Learn more about it in the video below.

He is continually utilizing and incorporating found objects. Everything from refuse to architectural pieces are fashioned into new artistic creations.

Funnel Tunnel

As young and talented as Patrick Renner is, I am sure his influence will be felt long into the future.

The Funnel Tunnel was dedicated to the memory of Lee Littlefield. He is another artist that has left his imprint upon our fair city with his organic, colorful, twisting and often temporary public art sculptures.

Below you can view the Funnel Tunnel as it now stands in New Orleans.

Where this Funnel Tunnel was once located: 1953 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas 77006. It was across from the Houston Art League.




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