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Farmers Markets, Houston Metro Area, Sugar Land

Farmer’s Market Sugar Land, TX

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Vegetables, Entertainment and So Much More!

My husband and I truly enjoyed our first visit ever to the Farmer’s Market at Imperial in Sugar Land last Saturday.

The iconic towers of the Imperial Sugar Company are the backdrop for this farmer’s market that is held every Saturday from 9AM to 1PM year round rain or shine.

Farmers Market at Imperial Sugar Land parking lot

For those who might not know, Sugar Land, Texas derives its name from the sugar plantations and sugar refining industry that used to be headquartered there.


Farmer's Market at Imperial Sugar Land

Farmer’s Market at Imperial Sugar Land

The Imperial Sugar Company ceased to exist as a refinery and also as a distribution center in 2003 in that location.  The name Sugar Land however will forever be associated with that portion of the Houston Metropolitan Area because of the once prominent sugar industry in that area.

Sugar Land is a rapidly expanding area luring affluent and well educated folks to its environs.  Most of the people living there derive their incomes from white collar jobs.

Many of the subdivisions are master planned communities with many amenities offered to the residents who live there.

It is a rapidly expanding area of population and this includes businesses which are increasingly headquartered there.  It is a far cry from the early days when it was pretty much operated as a company owned town!

While there were some individual tented booths set up on the parking lot area, many of the vendors were situated under a large canopied permanent structure.  This offered shade to not only them but also shoppers at this farmer’s market.  The shaded structure is much appreciated particularly in the hot and sultry Houston summer months.

Well behaved dogs on leashes are welcomed and we saw quite a few pooches accompanying their owners as they shopped.  Fortunately for the animals, there were several businesses catering just to them and offering free samples of their homemade organic dog treats.

This is a much larger farmer’s market than the one in Katy that we visited last week.  Many more vendors are at this farmer’s market Sugar Land offering everything from homemade goat milk soaps to art to homemade breads and pastries, jewelry and more.

Of course there are the vegetables…a wide assortment of them in fact!  The Plant it Forward folks had a booth here as well as at the Katy farmer’s market on Grand Parkway.  We saw the first one on the University of St. Thomas campus several weeks ago and learned about them at that time.  It feels good to be supporting them by buying items from them!  Our purchases included bagged spinach, okra and cucumbers.

One can always find vendors selling organic and local honey which is nice.  We still have some from our purchase last week but it is good to know that there will always be local sources at these farmer’s markets.

We purchased some Texas Pepper Jelly after sampling it as well as other jelly concoctions from one friendly fellow at the Kristi’s Kitchen booth and some Habanero Dill Pickles from another gentleman representing the Texas Pickle Company.

That is one nice thing about shopping at most farmer’s markets.  Getting to taste some of the food items before you buy is often the norm.

One vendor had brisket sizzling away on a grill and another vendor had homemade ices.  Various types of coffees were represented as well as an assortment of Indian food in containers ready to go.

There were a couple of food trucks outdoors as well as entertainment that probably varies from week to week.  It is truly a family friendly place!

Long beans from Morning Mist Harvest at the Farmer's Market at Imperial Sugar Land

Long beans from Morning Mist Harvest at the Farmer’s Market at Imperial Sugar Land

The friendly couple at the Morning Mist Harvest we found out have their gardens in our area of town.  We are practically neighbors! It was their first time at this farmer’s market.  What drew my attention was their offering of long beans. Long beans are truly well named as they are indeed long!

We enjoyed talking to Vicky and her husband.  Besides the long beans we purchased some flavorful almost licorice-like tasting Thai basil and a loofah.

I had grown loofah years ago when we lived in Wisconsin and only knew it as a sponge.

We learned that when loofah is picked young it is eaten as a vegetable much like zucchini.  Vicky said that it is a bit softer in consistency than zucchini.

Potted plants are sold at this farmer’s market for those people who wish to get a good start on growing their own tomatoes, peppers and more.

Most everyone of the vendors was engaging and friendly to the patrons and some of the people shopping there seemed to know one another from previous visits.  Some of the dogs also appeared happy to greet other dogs they seemed to know.

Our purchases this week included the following: Habanero Dill Pickles, 4 eggplants, table onions, garden fresh cucumbers, okra, Thai basil, a bag of fresh spinach, a loofah vegetable, long beans and the Texas Pepper Jelly.

We were given a sheet recommending various uses of the Texas Pepper Jelly.  We are looking forward to using it as a glaze on fish and other proteins.  It is zesty and flavorful and will add an extra flavor boost to different foods.

All in all I would give this farmer’s market a definite thumbs up!

What we purchased at the Farmer's Market at Imperial Sugar Land

What we purchased at the Farmer’s Market at Imperial Sugar Land this past Saturday.

Location of this farmer’s market: 198 Kempner St., Sugar Land, Texas 77498.


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