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Farmers Markets, Houston Metro Area, Katy

Farmers Market on Grand Parkway in Katy, TX

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Today was our first visit to the farmers market in Katy, Texas.

Farmers Market in Katy

Farmers Market in Katy



Our dog Skippy gets us up early on most days so getting to the market which is open from 8AM to Noon is no problem.  We actually wish he would sleep a little longer like he used to when he was younger.  Skippy likes to go outside to do his ‘business’ and then eat his breakfast inside our home.

Today he decided that 5AM was the perfect time to arouse the rest of the household. My hubby and I usually take turns in getting up and one of us gets to relax in bed a while longer.  Our cat is also ready to eat when she hears action in the kitchen. Oh for the good old days of Skippy’s sleeping longerbut I digress! 

A couple of weeks ago we discovered the Plant It Forward farm on the campus of the University of St. Thomas.  We enjoyed what we had purchased and decided to make it a point to visit more of the farmers markets in and around the Houston Metro area to see how they might differ.

This farmers market in Katy is set up each Saturday of the week come rain or shine in a parking lot of the Church of the Holy Apostles.  COTHA is an Episcopal church located at 1225 Grand Parkway South, Katy, Texas 77494.

Farmers Market in Katy in church parking lot

Farmers Market in Katy in church parking lot

I did not count but there are quite a few covered booths set up on that black topped surface.  It might vary from time to time but my guess is that there were probably 20 or so there today.

There are people offering the traditional farmed vegetables and fruits.  Several people were selling farm fresh eggs from free roaming chickens.

Grass fed meats are also available as is fresh Gulf of Mexico shrimp.

Local honey was also offered by several of the people in different booths.  They can pinpoint exactly where the honey is harvested.  We purchased some Pure Texas Honey @ Katy Wildflower.  Katy, Texas is due west from where we live in the western part of Houston…so the honey is definitely local for us!

Jars of homemade pickles, as well as chutneys and salsas, are there to be purchased.

Many of the people selling their food items let you taste them prior to purchasing the items. We sampled all of the 3 fresh salsas from PAIN TRAIN GREEN-GO SALSA company and today came home with the green selection.  It has sour cream, onions, tomatillos, serrano peppers, lime juice, avocado, salt, cilantro and garlic powder.  Wow!  It is really good!!!  At $8.00 for 16 ounces we thought that it was well worth the price.

Another thing we sampled was some food from the Quick n ezee indian food company.  (That is their spelling of the name).  We brought home some Chicken Tikka Masala and some Tandoori Naan bread.  I heated the chicken and served it over some rice noodles for our lunch today.  It was a special taste treat.

Farmers Market in Katy - Indian food

Farmers Market in Katy – Indian food

We also munched on some of the tiny little tomatoes we purchased with our lunch. Tomatoes are coming up gratis from our compost pile so we may have our own tomatoes of undetermined origin later this year.

The eggplants that were purchased will be going into a dish tonight.  I used to grow my own Chinese eggplants and had great success growing them in our garden.  The trouble is that prior to our being able to harvest them, squirrels and other wild critters have been harvesting them for us…so I have sadly given up the idea of growing my own. I now grow items they do not readily like to eat like my herbs, okra and peppers.

People were also selling items such as soaps, plants, baked goods, handmade writing pens, balsamic vinegars and oils, teas, coffee, kettle corn and more.

Purchasing things locally not only helps the local purveyors of said items earn a living but it also leaves a much smaller carbon footprint on our planet.  Why purchase things that are shipped from the other side of our country or even from outside our country if we can purchase them from nearby sources?  They are obviously fresher, taste better and help our neighbors.

Our purchases from the Farmers Market in Katy

Our purchases from the Farmers Market in Katy

I am sure that we will be returning to this farmers market in Katy.  Perhaps we will see you there?



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