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Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

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The Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston is certainly a distinctive building from the exterior.  The architect Gunnar Birkerts designed a stainless steel clad parallelogram space.  Shafts of sunlight can bounce off of this reflective surface on sunlit days.  Even in cloudy weather this building invites attention from passersby.

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

1972 was the opening date of this museum location.  It is situated just kitty corner across from the Houston Fine Arts Museum and directly across from the Cullen Sculpture Garden.

Located in the Houston Museum Arts District, it is just one of the numerous museums worth exploring.  The address is 5216 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas 77006.

Through the years I have visited our Contemporary Arts Museum Houston on occasion accompanied by friends and/or family members.  It is fun seeing the various types of modern art.  Sometimes we have walked out quizzically scratching our heads at what was on display.  At all times whether someone understands the intent of the artists or not, it gives a person something to ponder.

New and emerging artists have occasionally had their careers jump started by getting to display their work in this venue.  Others who are already well known have also had their works shown there.  A couple of examples would be Alexander Calder and Vincent Van Gogh.


One terrific thing for people in Houston as well as visitors to our fine city is that there is no fee to enter the CAMH.  There is solely a donation box.  Closed on Mondays and a few other holidays during the year, it is open Tuesday through Sunday.  To check the hours of operation as well as keep up to date with exhibitions CLICK HERE.

Mark Flood’s Gratest (sic) Hits is currently on display from April 30th to August 7, 2016 in the Brown Foundation Gallery.  That is on the 2nd floor where one enters the Contemporary Arts Museum.

This artist also founded a band which plays punk rock music among other things.  He goes by the name of Perry Webb in the band called Culturcide.

There was a huge stack of boards with the letters LIKE on them.  Visitors to the museum could take them and place them in front of the Mark Flood artwork that they liked.  My husband and I saw humor in a few of them placed near a chair.  It would be interesting near the end of this show at CAMH to see which pieces of his had the most Like boards in front of them.

Mark Flood is a local Houston artist that is currently gaining much international fame.  He graduated from Rice University with a Bachelor of Arts degree back in 1981.  According to a Wikipedia article some of his pieces of art sell in excess of $200,000.  That must be very gratifying for him in more ways than one.

Mars by artist MPA in CAMH

Mars by artist MPA in CAMH

The artist by the name of MPA has her work on display downstairs in the Zilkha Gallery.  The Interview: Red, Red Future started on February 27th and ends on June 5, 2016.

It has to do with our exploration and possible colonization of the planet Mars in the future.

The Interview: Red, Red Future by artist MPA

The Interview: Red, Red Future by artist MPA

One is invited to pick up the telephone and speak to someone about Mars.  I did that and got a recording that if I wished to leave my number someone would get back to me.  I wonder if everyone gets that same recording?  Somehow I suspect that is the case.  (Smile)

Overhead by artist MPA. Photos of possible UFOs on floor.

Overhead by artist MPA. Photos of possible UFOs on floor.

MPA lives and works near 29 Palms, California. There is a large military training facility nearby.  Supposedly many unexplained things are spotted in the skies above this area.

On the floor are photographs taken by MPA of possible UFOs.  The suspended lights above were off but at times illuminate the photographs with colors according to a guard lady at the museum.

Long Line by artist MPA comprised of discarded objects in desert near 29 Palms, California

The Long Line created by MPA had many items that she had picked up while walking through the desert near 29 Palms. The discarded items were carefully placed along the red line on the floor of the Zitkha Gallery.  Such things as broken toothbrushes, bits of what appeared to be bone, bits of plastic and more were interspersed along that line.

Her idea was that this was a birds eye view of the ground when soaring over it from above.

These photos give you some idea of what you will find at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston at the current time.  The video below captures a former exhibit.

There is a gift shop on that lower level at the Contemporary Arts Museum as well as restrooms. The building is handicapped accessible with a ramp going up to the entrance and an elevator to get between floors.

Entrance door to CAMH

I hope that you enjoyed this peek into some of what is currently showing at the museum.  My photos are just a sampling of what you will find there. One can stay abreast of current modern art trends by visiting art museums such as this.

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston also displays contemporary art as well as going back to ancient times and everything in between.  But this museum is solely dedicated to the modern.

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