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Competitive Ice Sculpting & Art in Discovery Green Park

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Downtown Houston Park

I have already written about Discovery Green Park in several other posts. There is so much to enjoy in this downtown venue and playground that it would be difficult to showcase everything just in one blog post. This particular post will focus solely on impressions and images from a one day sojourn to this downtown park to enjoy an ice sculpting contest.

Ice sculpting!

Different free events…in excess of 600…are held throughout the year and some of them are seasonal while others are ongoing.

Some friends invited me to join them to primarily see the so called “Dirty Dozen.” It was a one day only event on a Saturday…January 7, 2012.  I gladly accepted thinking that it would be fun to see and experience.

This video below shows the very first annual ice sculpting competition in Discovery Green Park.

It was the 4th annual ice sculpting competition that we attended and more have been held on an annual basis since that time.

One dozen recognized ice sculpting artists from around the country including states as far away as Illinois, California and Alaska came to Discovery Green Park to compete. Using primarily chainsaws along with some blow torches and chisels they transformed huge blocks of ice into innovative ice sculptures of various types.

Ice Sculpting

I am sure when this event which was slated well in advance, the planners never expected that this January day would be 76 degrees Fahrenheit or even a few degrees higher. But that is what the day brought by way of outdoor temperatures!

These blocks of ice that had been recycled from frozen rainwater were shaded and sometimes even partially covered with insulating materials to keep them frozen as long as possible. The sculptures would later serve to water areas of the park as they melted.  Following several years of severe drought, the extra water from those melting ice sculptures would be welcomed.

The ice sculpting event lasted from 10 am to 5:30 pm and was free to the public.

Ice sculpting

Ice sculpting

A white picket type of fencing surrounded the area where these icy mediums were being transformed into recognizable “masterpieces” and the public was invited to vote on their favorites.

There was to be a grand prize of cash and a people’s choice award as well. Of course the bragging rights would be priceless!

As you will be able to tell from the many photos that I took, one could view the ice sculptures from different angles by walking around the fenced area. As the day progressed, the blocks of ice truly became works of art.

We did not stay to see who won that year’s contest nor for the performance which was to take place on the Anheuser-Busch stage between The Reverend Butter and the winning ice sculptors.

However we did see people already laying out blankets on the Jones Lawn in preparation for that entertaining event.

Some of my photos also captured giant balloons hanging from the large 100 year old live oak trees along the Brown Foundation Promenade. That was adjacent to where the blocks of ice were being transformed into works of art. The exhibit was titled “Through the Eyes of a Child” and was created by David Graeve.

Through the eyes of a child art installation in Discovery Green Park

David Graeve is the well known artist who does these balloon sculptures with faces on them as well as other types of art. Currently some of his art can be found on the Trail of Art on Heights Boulevard in Houston, Texas.

Hope you liked my photos and learned a bit more of what our Discovery Green Park has to offer visitors.  Each and every day there is something to actively or passively enjoy!

The video below tells more and shows more images regarding this downtown Houston park called Discovery Green.  I did not realize until recently that it is not a city park but a privately run and operated non-profit entity called the Discovery Green Conservatory.

Location of Discovery Green Park: 1500 McKinney St., Houston, Texas 77010.

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