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Clay’s Restaurant Has Family Friendly Wild West Setting

Clay's Restaurant Collage
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Wild West Setting at Clay’s Restaurant

The Wild West has come alive in the setting of Clay’s Restaurant located in the western regions of Houston.  This restaurant located on Clay Road west of Highway 6 and Bear Creek Park has always been rustic in appearance.

A friend of mine from Germany always loved dining on their outside patio area when visiting us in Houston.  She enjoyed getting to watch children play in the giant sandbox area as well as viewing the horses and other animals which were on site.  It was such a different look to what most restaurants offer by way of ambiance.

Friends of my parents who lived in Oxford, Mississippi, also spent some happy hours there when they would stay with us.  I can still remember eating hamburgers and sipping on a cold beer while laughing and catching up on our visiting.  We always chose days when the weather was good so that we could enjoy the outdoors.

Clay's Restaurant Collage

Clay’s Restaurant Collage

Wild West Setting

They would be amazed at the transformation at Clay’s Restaurant from what they experienced!   It now has the appearance of a stage set for a wild west movie.

What used to be fencing where horses grazed across from the primary dining area is now a facade that has taken on that wild west appearance. Additional buildings are in the back and currently, serve to host private parties or gatherings.

Additional Buildings at Clay's with ongoing Construction

Additional Buildings at Clay’s with ongoing Construction

Great Place for Kids and Parties

Some neighbors of ours celebrated their young son’s birthday party at Clay’s.  The kids got to take turns riding ponies and petting the animals which were on site at the time.  Many other types of meetings, as well as celebrations, have been held there over the years.  The additional buildings offer even more space to host different types of events.  In the one pictured above, they have a stage built into it.

The sandbox is now undercover adjacent to an outdoor eating area which is also sheltered from the sun.  This sheltered space makes it helpful for the parents who can let their kids play in safety under their watchful eyes.

Sandbox at Clay's

Sandbox at Clay’s

Outdoor Dining at Clay's

Outdoor Dining at Clay’s

Outdoor Dining at Clay's

Outdoor Dining at Clay’s

As you can tell from my photos, this is a casual place.  A menu board is posted inside the entrance, and orders are taken at a counter around the corner.

Menu board on right with a counter where orders are placed straight ahead at Clay's

Menu board on the right with a counter where orders are placed straight ahead at Clay’s

The Food

Customers fill their soft drinks and take a number to a table of their choice. Waiters then bring the made to order food to the table when it is ready.  There are many choices of rooms inside.  One place even has a tree growing in the middle of it!

The photos below depict a small sample of what there is to offer by way of food at Clay’s Restaurant.  Click on their website to see the entire menu and find out more of what they have to offer.

Clay's fried catfish platter

Clay’s fried catfish platter


This restaurant has been around since 1985.  Some of the back buildings are currently under repair after the flooding caused in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  It will be fun to see how this establishment continues to evolve over the years.

Parking is free in the large lot to the front of this country-style restaurant that is also handicap accessible and opens seven days a week.  There is a small arcade area outside of the restrooms.  Kids of all ages can have fun here!

If you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in a country setting, then head on over to Clay’s.  Be sure to greet Hazel the horse!  Clay’s is located at 17717 Clay Road, Houston, Texas 77084.

Clay's Restaurant Collage

Clay’s Restaurant Collage

Sign on fence

Sign on fence


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