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Bravura Concert Series at All Saints Catholic Church

Bravura Concert at All Saints Catholic Church
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Bravura Concert Series

Our discovery of this ongoing Bravera Concert Series in the Houston Heights was a delight!  We may or may not have found out about it on our own.

There are many daily events in this large metropolitan city of Houston.  Even though we subscribe to the daily Houston Chronicle newspaper, we had never noticed the publication of these concert programs.

Angelo Ferrari at the Bravura Concert Series

Angelo Ferrari at the Bravura Concert Series

Our friend Angelo Ferrari, a world-class tenor, was performing at All Saints Catholic Church on April 24, 2016, at 5 pm.  He had given a postcard advertising the event to my husband.  It is for this reason that we decided to attend.

Angelo has been performing in concerts and operas around the world for more than 20 years.  While we have not been to any of the great European opera houses, we do love hearing his voice on CDs and occasionally in person.

Following the concert an award signed by the Mayor of Houston proclaimed April 24, 2016 as Angelo Ferrari Day. It was presented by the wife of the Houston French Consul General.

Following the concert, an award signed by the Mayor of Houston proclaimed April 24, 2016, as Angelo Ferrari Day. The wife of the Houston French Consul General presented the award.

Concerts at All Saints Catholic Church

It was the first time that we had heard of this Bravura Concert Series.  That is not too surprising since they started holding concerts in this historic 100+-year-old church only last year.

On July 2, 2015, a University of Houston Concert Chorale debuted this concert series.  September 20, October 25 were two intervening dates, and a Francouer Chamber Music Society with a String Trio ended the concerts on November 15, 2015.

In the video below you can get a small sampling of what was performed at All Saints Catholic Church in 2015.

Opera Singers

This was the first concert of 2016 with our friend Angelo Ferrari beautifully starting the night by singing Pieta Signore by Alessandro Stradella (1639-1682).  He ended the night with Nessun Dorma by Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924).

A local soprano by the name of Stacey Franklin did justice to several of the pieces, and she and Angelo collaborated on several operatic songs. What a night!

Partial view of arches and ceiling inside All Saints Catholic Church

Partial view of arches and ceiling inside All Saints Catholic Church

Accompanying the singers was pianist Dr. Frankie Kelly.  She has worked with orchestras in multiple cities in and out of the United States. A beautiful Schimmel Concert Grand Piano was brought into the church furnished by Forshey Piano for this performance.

Looking forward, more concert series will follow in June, September, October and sometime in November.  The last date is to be determined later this year.

All Saints Catholic Church in Houston Heights

All Saints Catholic Church in Houston Heights

Bravura Meaning

On a brochure is printed the following:

“What is Bravura?

Bravura: Brilliant technique or performance, virtuosic

Bravura concert series is sponsored by the historic All Saints Catholic Church located in the Heights. Bravura presents professional-quality performances and does not charge admission for its concerts, relying solely on the generosity of good-will offerings and the support of its community.”

During the concert at intermission, a basket is passed and people can contribute what they wish.

Also printed on the brochure was the following:

“Experience Life through the Arts.”

The visual, as well as auditory arts, are well represented during these concerts in this beautiful church! All of the concerts are on Sundays at varying times.  CLICK HERE to find out about the upcoming shows later this year and hopefully long into the future.

All Saints Catholic Church

The All Saints Catholic Church is a beauty!  It dates back to the year 1908 when it began and it had a visiting pastor.  This current Gothic-styled church was dedicated in 1928. Spectacularly stained glass windows depicting various saints add to the beauty of the church.

Robert Lentz Icons

What sets it apart from many other Catholic churches are the icons up by the main altar.  A Franciscan friar by the name of Robert Lentz created them.  He had studied Byzantine iconography under masters and has created them in a more modern mode to blend the old and the new. In addition to the contemporary painting of the Trinity, more modern-day saints are also depicted.

You can see Brother Robert Lentz speak about the icons in the video below.

I would highly recommend visiting the All Saints Catholic Church in the historic Houston Heights for this Bravura Concert Series. I am so glad that we discovered it because of our talented friend Angelo. We certainly intend to attend more of these concerts and hope that they continue long into the future.

This is where to find the All Saints Catholic Church: 215 E 10th Street, Houston, Texas 77008.


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