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Best Antique Store ~ Heights Station Antiques

Posted: July 11, 2016 at 1:54 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Heights Station Antiques was awarded the title of Best Antique Store.  That happened in the year 2010 by the Houston Press. Every year since that time a different antique store has received that designation of being the best.

I am no expert when it comes to judging what constitutes the best.  Everyone undoubtedly would have their own opinion. What makes it an additional challenge is that stores selling collectibles and antiques have continually changing inventory.  At least the successful ones do!

Turning inventory is the bread and butter of just about any type of business if they wish to stay in business.  Heights Station Antiques does have staying power.  They have been in business in this location since 1977.

The architecture of this antique store is of particular interest.  Originally a carriage barn, it dates back to 1895. One can see much of the old wooden rafters once inside this building.  In fact, they use some of those rafters to store some of the merchandise!  The interior space of 5,000+ feet is packed with all kinds of items.

My husband and I spotted a case with signed sports items like baseballs and footballs among other things.  Some of them were from Super Bowl events!

While the old building is not air-conditioned, many fans were buzzing and whirling.  Despite the July heat outside, it was not unbearable.  Naturally other times of the year it would be even more comfortable.

On the day we visited an old doll carriage was spotted with a doll reposing inside of it.  Old jugs and crocks such as my grandparents used when they were making sauerkraut were in evidence.  There was also a tabletop pinball machine.  From leaded glass windows to old mason jars, all types of furniture to knick-knacks, there is much to look at and discover.

They had a great selection of old picture frames and a bounty of old records.

The Heights Station Antiques was even mentioned in a 2008 Martha Stewart Living magazine!  It was mentioned that this store “has a more bohemian vibe.”  Of that, I would agree.

It was fun seeing this old carriage barn and its contents.  It inspired us to explore more of the shops in Houston offering vintage itemsStay tuned!

Those iron letters in the upper left photo reminded me of how Joanna Gaines uses them when decorating homes.  I enjoy watching their televised show called the Fixer Upper.  She and her husband Chip renovate older homes and turn them into stunning beauties.  It is shown on the HGTV channel.  That is my personal “go to” station if nothing else appeals to me and I feel like relaxing and watching a little television.

People can visit this unique shop every day except Monday.  Hours from Tuesday through Saturday are from 10AM to 5:30PM. Sunday hours are 1PM to 5:30PM. Their location is 121 Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas 77007.