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Annual Car Show at Towne Lake in Cypress

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7th Annual Car Show at Towne Lake

My husband and I had a lot of fun attending the annual car show at Towne Lake on February 27th of this year. The day in Houston could not have been any better!  It was sunny and the temperatures were moderate.  A perfect time to be outside!

Looking across the water towards the clubhouse where the car show was held.

Many of the cars reminded my hubby of ones that were commonly driven back during his youth. I also remembered many like the Chevrolet BelAir one shown in the photos below.

People came from all over to enter their cars and trucks for competition.  We talked to several people who drove down from Dallas.  Some of course were local from the Houston metro area.

Each year prizes are given for Best of Show.  Best of Paint gets awarded a prize as well as Best Restoration.  The latter is broken down into newer and older models.

We saw several people trying to keep their vehicles polished up and dust free.  They were undoubtedly trying to get the Best Paint award.

It was fun seeing the wood trim on the 1950 Oldsmobile pictured above.  I remember that my parents had one of those Woodie cars back in the 1950s.

We talked to the owner of the Ford Roadster featured above.  He was a tall man and while he routinely drives this car, he admitted that it was a tight fit getting into the driver’s seat.  It would really be cozy with two people sharing that front seat!

A side note: Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were good friends and had their winter homes adjacent to one another along the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers, Florida.  We got to see some vintage vehicles along with many other interesting items in the Edison Museum on the grounds there.

The car show was held in the parking lot at The Heritage at Towne Lake Lodge which serves as the resident’s community center. A band was playing music while people were milling about looking and admiring the vehicles entered into the show.

Tents were set up outside and one could purchase food and drinks.  Inside the building in various rooms were people at tables selling raffle tickets and various sundry goods.

All vehicles entered into this car show pay a $25 fee.  What is nice is that a portion of proceeds from the show is divided up between 3 different charities.  After their 4th annual show $5,000 was given to local charities.  This probably grows over time as more people come to know about and start attending this annual event.

What really caught our eye was an official Batmobile replica.  The date of the car was 1966.  It shoots fire out of the back.  It has a 353 Chevy engine with 500 horsepower and 500 pounds of torque.  It is the 5th licensed car for DC Comic and Warner Brothers.

Many other people were also admiring that most unusual of cars!  See some photos of it below…

The location of this annual happening is held in a beautiful subdivision with lakes and other amenities sure to please the over 55+ seniors who choose to live there.  What a great way to introduce people to that choice location!

Some vintage tractors on display

Some vintage tractors on display

By now you should have some idea of what there is to see and do at the annual Towne Lake car show.  Obviously there were many more vehicles on display than those featured here.

There were even some vintage tractors!

If you like attending events like this be sure and check with them for the date of next year’s car show.

The telephone number for Towne Lake is 281-256-2772.  They will be happy to notify you of other events also held there or even show you some of the lovely home sites that are for sale.

You may like to see what else there is in this part of our metro area.

Cypress Top Historic Park

Goforth Park on Horsepen Creek in Cypress

Bud Hadfield Park with a Scenic Disc Golf Course

Charming Telge Park

Little Cypress Creek Preserve Wildlife Habitat

Location of Towne Lake: 19201 N Canyon Lake Springs Drive, Cypress, Texas 77433.


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