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Amazing August Antiques Store in Houston Heights

Posted: July 24, 2016 at 5:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

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August Antiques store in the Houston Heights is a delight!  It is a red brick building which was built in the 1920s. Nestled between other vintage buildings along the beautiful Heights Boulevard it has a small parking lot in front.  Fortunately there is plenty of street parking along Heights Boulevard.

August Antiques

My husband and I stopped in there one day recently to see what type of offerings they provide.

What truly sets August Antiques apart from many other antique stores is the amount of religious items they have for sale.  These include various types of statuary, icons, selection of crosses and crucifixes, kneeling benches, rosaries and more.  Some of them seem to have come right out of churches!  I am certain that there is a story behind each and every piece!

Another thing of note is their huge selection of rare books.  Entire sets of books can be found as well as individual ones worthy of collecting or gifting that special person on your list.  There are rows and rows of books of all types including numerous vintage Bibles.  On the floor in the books section of the store are old book presses.

When gazing up towards the ceiling we saw interesting and beautiful period lighting pieces. Of course there is a wide assortment of furniture as well as furnishings that date back to earlier times.

My husband and I viewed old wooden school desks, period jars and crocks, stacks of old wooden boxes, numerous vintage signs and a multitude of former medicinal bottles and paraphernalia utilized in days gone by.

There is another building to the left of August Antiques that dates back to 1910.  It was acquired in 1994, a year after the red brick building was purchased.  It is called Ben’s Antique Gardening.

The flowers and plants grown in containers outside of the building facing Heights Boulevard are beautiful.

In between the two buildings is an amazing array of vintage aluminum chairs such as I knew as a child in the 1950s.  In addition to the various types of seating are a wide variety of architectural salvage items.  These include huge numbers of doors and windows.  Stained glass windows of various dimensions are also on display.

Some good friends of ours purchased some old wooden doors and where the screens or windows had been they inserted mirrors.  After refinishing the wood those doors are now displayed as pieces of art in their living room.  It is very effective and innovative and gives their living room a distinctive unique appearance.  I admire people who can see past the original intent of furniture or furnishings and re-purpose them into something new.

Anyone looking for doors or windows should put August Antiques on their list of places to visit!

One thing catching my eye was an old croquet set.  It immediately brought back to mind the days when my parents along with my brothers, grandparents and other visiting relatives used to play that game in my parents large yard in Wisconsin.  Just seeing it made me smile.

This description just scratches the surface of what there is to see in these two buildings and the space between them.  Be forewarned of one thing only.  While there are fans buzzing away, there is no air conditioning.  So browsing through the stores can be a bit hot in our Houston summers.  Take that into consideration when planning a visit.  Dress appropriately and plan to stay hydrated!

These stores are open from 10AM to 6PM everyday except Monday.  From what I read the larger red brick building might have been a grocery store originally and the smaller adjacent building, a Gulf gas station.  The owners are James Weaver and Ben Weaver.

I overheard one of them helping a customer.  If they do not have what a customer is seeking, they will help them find it.  Many of their buying trips take them to the northeast part of our country.

Thumbs up is my rating!  This eclectic mixture of items seems to be well sorted into different areas.  So if one is seeking certain items they can easily be directed to the correct area without having to wade through a mishmash of other items.  That is particularly true if seeking doors and windows, religious items and books.

It is always fun discovering places like this! The address of August Antiques is 505 1/2 Heights Blvd., Houston, Texas 77007.


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